Here’s What You Can Expect During Your Property Construction


Initiation of your residential or commercial construction project can be an exciting experience, particularly when you are aware of the entire process. Without knowing about & understanding different phases of the work and what to expect as the task proceeds, you can feel confused and the whole venture may not intrigue you much. There are a number of things that you must know in order to realise what’s actually going on and what is yet to happen. Building contractors in Cork are always ready to discuss such information, all you need to do is simply ask.

Given below are brief descriptions of the different phases involved in a typical construction project:

1) Site & Foundation Preparation – First, the crew prepares the site by clearing trees, rocks and other forms of debris and levelling it, which is followed by creation of trenches & holes and installation of footings. Next, concrete is poured within the trenches & holes and cured. Finally, a waterproofing membrane is applied and then the initial drains, sewer and water taps are laid.

2) Rough Framing – During this phase, the floors, roofings and walls are completed. The workers also add a sheathing for protecting the house from water damage. This nullifies the chances of wood rot and mould growth.

3) Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC Works – After rough framing, the wires and pipes are run via the inner floors, walls and ceilings. Installation of vents and sewer lines is also completed. The builders also install ductwork for air-conditioning, heating and ventilation systems. Later, the receptacles for switches, lights and outlets are put in place, along with the breaker panel.

4) Insulation – The whole property is insulated in its exterior walls, and also floors & attic situated above incomplete crawl spaces and unfinished basements. Insulation helps the property to be energy-efficient.

5) Drywall Texturing And Interior & Exterior Finishes/Trims – In this stage, drywall hanging and texturing is completed, followed by application of paint. Exterior finishes like stucco, siding, stone and brick are also installed. After that, decorative trims like mouldings, baseboards, door casings, etc. are fitted.

6) Walkways & Driveways – Next, the contractors start establishing the exterior walkways, driveways and patios.

7) Exterior Grading & Hard-Surface Flooring – Exterior grading is completed, after installation of hard-surface flooring. Also, the yard is prepared for landscaping.

So, these are primary phases that you can expect during a construction project. After their completion, mechanical trims, bathroom fixtures and HVAC equipment are installed to make the property ready for use.



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