Common Causes Of Car Lockout Situations


Car lockouts occur almost every day in Sydney, and can be extremely uncomfortable & annoying. And a majority of them take place either due to carelessness of the car owners, technical issues or theft attempts. Recently, a reputed automotive locksmith in Sydney was interviewed and asked about the most common causes of car lockout situations. According to him, these are the main reasons:

Lost Or Missing Car Keys

This is quite often the reason behind people getting locked out of their rides. Every now and then, somebody misplaces or loses their car keys and ends up getting stranded outside their vehicle. When that happens, a person must at once write down the ID number of their car, which can be easily found in the vehicle log books and registration papers, along with information about make, model & year.

Dead Smart Fob Battery

In transponder keys, there is a small electronic component known as the fob. If the transponder fails to open or close car, it is likely that the battery of the fob has either gone dead or will die soon. This issue is easy to fix – all one needs to do is open the fob, insert a new battery and replace the lid.

Worn Out Or Jammed Lock

With passage of time, grime and dirt can enter the lock of a car, accumulate inside it and prevent it from working properly. The pollutants can even wear the lock and cause it to get jammed. This may very well lead to a lockout situation all of a sudden.

Faulty Key Fob

Sometimes, the fob of a transponder may just become non-operational or lose its programming entirely. When that happens, the lock of the car would obviously not open with the transponder. The only solution to this problem is getting a new key issued by either a dealer or an auto locksmith.

Attempted Theft

Attempted vehicle robberies are not uncommon in Sydney. Most of the car thieves have very little knowledge about car ignition and door locks. As a result, they often damage these parts while trying to steal the vehicle, leaving it inaccessible. In such cases, there is no scope for any repair, a new ignition barrel or door lock is the sole solution.

If you are a car owner, bear in mind these points and try not to fall victims to them by taking early precautions.



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