What To Do After Losing The Keys Of A BMW?


A BMW car is something that one can feel proud of, since it is one of the best luxury vehicles available in the market of Sydney right now. As such, losing its keys can be a significantly dampening, unfortunate and disturbing experience for you. A typical BMW car key consists of a security code and microchip which ensures a high level of security against theft. The most modern one even has a VCD display fob that shows the amount of fuel left in the car, in addition to performing other intriguing functions.

So if you have lost the keys of your precious BMW, the first prudent move that you can make is to go to a certified BMW dealership and request for a replacement. The process can take some time, since the professional will have to reprogram your vehicle’s system in accordance with the new key. However, for the dealership to start issuing a replacement, you will have to provide your BMW’s 17-digit unique identification number. After forwarding a few other necessary pieces of information, you will have to wait for some days. The dealership will inform you via phone when the new keys arrive and then you can go & collect it.

In case you feel like getting a new key from the dealership is too much work, than you will have to find a reputed local auto locksmith company that provides replacement car keys for for BMW. But you must be careful enough to avoid scam companies who can damage your vehicle and later cause you to undertake expensive repairs. Find someone who has been in business for quite some time and can boast of a good image. Perform a quick search on Google and consider the top firms that offer the kind of service you need. Check out the testimonials posted on their business site by previous clients. Doing so will definitely help you to choose a good auto locksmith company who can issue proper keys for your BMW.

Once you get the replacement keys, take suitable precautions to prevent them from going missing again. According to the general rule, you can have new keys issued only 9 times for a BMW. In the 10th time, the engine of the vehicle will have to be replaced, which is a very expensive affair. Therefore, better be safe than sorry and keep the keys to your valuable and precious BMW safe.







Author: Madalina Johnson

I am a passionate Digital Marketer. I love to build good business strategy.

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