Top Commercial Interior Design Trends


With the increasing focus on development of innovative ideas for home interiors, it seems like commercial properties are also trying to kickstart with their very own exotic designs for interiors. According to many builders and interior designers in Cork, meticulous amount of effort goes into developing the inner space when the plan of any commercial building design is being drafted. In fact, some specific interior design fads have even come into circulation recently. Let’s have a look at each one of them in detail:

Geometric & Super-Scale Patterns

Geometric & Super-Scale Patterns

Earlier, small-scale & casual designs were all the trend for hospital and hotel floors. However, now they have got replaced with patterns that are large, geometric and dramatic. Following this fad can allow any business to make a design statement which leaves an indelible impression on the visitors.

Deep Hues

Deep and cooling hues that showcase the congenital exquisiteness of nature are commonly being used in commercial establishments nowadays. Tones like greys and charcoals tinged with shades of green are the most popular. But one can also augment with stone, taupe and ivory to induce balance.

Whimsical Combinations

traditional room

Gone are the days when interior designers relied entirely on formulaic themes. Rather, they are now encompassing a range of unexpected whimsical touches for bringing about uniqueness in each space. For instance, non-similar flooring tiles are being combined strategically to achieve a bizarre visual appeal.

Dual-Purpose Features

Multi-purpose designs are growing rapidly in popularity due to the range of possibilities that they offer. Some instances of this trend are the filing cabinets having pull-out seats, lounge chairs with tablet arms, and so on. Besides improving space economy, they also help to save a lot of money.

Collaboration Rather Than Segregation

In the modern times, workers don’t like to be isolated in small cubicles anymore. Employees wish to have constant communication and increased interaction among each other. In order to streamline designs with this demand, desks are being segregated with transparent or low panels. Some commercial places are ditching partitions altogether to establish circular workstations and hike up knowledge transfer as well as communication.

Eco-Friendly Builds

eco friendly room

For meeting social obligations and also decreasing their carbon footprints, corporations are utilising environment friendly designs for their commercial properties. Most builders are also switching completely to eco-friendly techniques for constructing commercial establishments.

From what is being shown by recent records, the above mentioned trends are rising rapidly in popularity, and they aren’t going to phase out anytime soon.


Author: Madalina Johnson

I am a passionate Digital Marketer. I love to build good business strategy.

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