Follow These Tips To Keep Your Car Safe While Holiday Shopping

Tips To Keep Your Car Safe While Holiday Shopping

The spirit of the holidays have filled the air already, and everyone is busy shopping as well as arguing for bargains at outlets offering deals and discounts. But the Christmas and New Year holidays also bring along with them an influx in crimes, since lots of miscreants in Sydney start preying on preoccupied shoppers to carry on their dirty work. As per reports of the local law enforcement authorities, criminals are generally on the lookout for packages left in vehicles during this time, be it something as simple as food items or expensive stuff like electronics.

If you wish to stay safe from such criminals while completing your last-minute Christmas shopping, here are some precautionary tips from expert auto locksmiths in Sydney that you can follow:

Be Careful About Your Parking Spot

When you are parking your vehicle while out for holiday shopping, choose a spot that is well-lit and in close proximity of the store entrance. In case the spot is dark, make sure that it receives some light from another source nearby. Observe any pole, landmark or sign that you can remember in order to follow your way back later. Don’t park your car next to SUVs or big vans, they offer the privacy a thief would need to break in.

Conceal Packages

Take care so as not to leave behind any package, gifts, phone or valuables on dash, floor or seats of your vehicle. Rather, lock up all goods in the boot or conceal them from sight.

Keep Moving

In case you come to your car for dropping some goods and plan to return for more, move your ride to some other space before going back in. Criminals often keep an eye on such shoppers and execute their dishonest task during the window of opportunity unintentionally provided by busy vehicle owners.

Don’t Forget To Lock

Although it is a matter of common sense, the figures showing people who leave their cars unlocked by mistake while holiday shopping is astounding. You should always make it a point to check your car door locks properly before entering the store. Also, get any malfunctioning lock repaired by a good auto locksmith as soon as possible.

Thus, these are the tips that can protect you from theft during the holiday season when you are busy shopping for gifts for your loved ones.


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