Tips To Deal With Bees In The Garden During Holidays

Tips To Deal With Bees In The Garden During Holidays

As Christmas and New Year holidays are less than two weeks away, you might have started making preparations to host parties at your home, more likely outdoor ones, since both the occasions take place in Australia during the summers. But are you prepared for sudden or occasional visits of bees, who generally go around collecting pollen from one garden or lawn to another? Though bees are environmentally useful insects and must not be killed, there are certain measures that you can start implementing from now to ensure that your party guests don’t get stung during the celebrations.

The first step that you need to take is observe and determine whether or not bees have started to frequent your garden. One or two visiting occasionally are not a threat, but an abrupt inflation in their numbers can mean that they are building a nest somewhere close by, or perhaps within your garden. Try to track them down for finding the origin; you may come across a cluster going in & out of some hole or clustering at one place. Be as quiet as possible and do not cause any disturbance, or you might aggravate them. Rather, try capturing snapshots from a distance or at least note precise characteristics features like size, colours and markings.

Examine the info you have collected to make sure that the insects you have encountered are bees (some people can mistake them for wasps or even hornets). After that, call a reliable professional offering pest control in Collaroy and have them deal with the problem. Pest exterminators generally use harmless methods to shoo away bees from a household or get in touch with a beekeeper. Either way, you will be able to get rid of the bees in a safe and effective way that wouldn’t endanger them.

Even if you are not experiencing trouble from a bee swarm or nest, there are some preventive methods that you can follow to stay prepared anyway. First of all, avoid planting fragrant shrubs & plants in your garden and settle for leafier options instead. Next, you can consider using some natural repellents, such as citronella candles or peppermint oil. Hanging a pretentious nest can be useful too – it would give off the impression that there is already a bee nest in your garden and ensure that other bees stay away. A fake bee nest can be easily bought from the market.


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