New Year Pest Control Tips

Pest control tips

Are you planning to welcome 2017 with a grand party at your place? Sometimes, plans for a wonderful bash can be thwarted by the presence of critters in the house. If you think that your abode can become the target of pests due to the rising temperatures, then use these tips for keeping them at bay and ensuring a quality time for your party guests:

Seal Up Holes

According to pest control experts in Belrose, the first step towards effective pest prevention is denying them entry. Thus, if you even have a micro-hole or crack somewhere in the house, seal it up as soon as possible. Don’t forget to check around windows and doors too.

Clean The Kitchen

Never ever allow food crumbs to linger on your kitchen floor for long, as they would attract all kinds of disgusting critters. Rather, put away cooked foods immediately, keep sweet items in sealed containers, and clean the floors & counters regularly.

Don’t Allow Stagnant Water

Standing water acts like a free home for mosquitoes. So if you don’t want to get bitten by them, then check inside rain spouts, look for any leak in the AC, and see if there is water standing at the bottom of your fencing.

Ensure Proper Yard Maintenance

Maintaining the yard before New Year would not only make sure that your premises look spic and span prior to the big bash, but also keep away pests that may be hiding in your garden. So clear away the weeds, trim the trees & bushes and rake up all kinds of debris.

Keep The Rubbish Contained

Overflowing garbage bins are an open invitation to rodents, cockroaches, ants, flies and what not! In order to prevent them from becoming a nuisance, you must keep your garbage bins properly sealed at all times.

Check The Basement

Basement area is often the favourite hiding spot of pests like rodents, roaches and termites. So check your basement for any indication of pest infestation. Note down all telltale signs that you find.

Finally, hire a pest control specialist to thoroughly inspect all areas of your home for critters. Besides eliminating any existing bug, the pros would also clear away conditions favouring the entry of pests in future.

So observe these tips for preventing pest infestations this New Year and have a fabulous time with your family & friends at your party.


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