4 Common Pests That Tend To Hide In The Gutters Of Your House

Gutter Cleaning

It is always recommended to clean the gutters of your house at least twice in every year, especially during the spring and fall season. Gutters contain a lot of debris and rubbish that can damage the entire draining system and pipeline of your house. This, in turn, can cause several issues including roof leaks, mould growth etc. and further create a lovely & cozy environment where pests will love to reside. If you don’t have gutter shades, then unwanted critters can start to live inside the gutters. Stated below are 4 most common pests that love to hide in gutters, have a look –


Uncleaned gutters can lead to water blockage and damaged pipelines. This type of issues usually offer an open invitation to mosquitoes to come and stay. The bloodsucking critters love to reside and breed in moist areas. Apart from being annoying and irritating in nature, these pests can also spread harmful diseases such as malaria and dengue.


Birds also prefer to hide in gutters that are not cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Uncleaned gutters unwillingly force you to invite the birds to come, stay and spread deadly diseases such as Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis, Avian Tuberculosis, etc.

Carpenter Ants & Termites

Termites and carpenter ants love to reside near moist areas. They also prefer to hide amidst decaying debris and leaves. They can’t be detected easily. These deadly insects can even ruin the entire foundation of your house. As it is hard to find and control them, so in this matter, always prefer to seek the help of a professional expert providing the services of termite inspection in Northern Beaches.


It is competitively easier to detect rodents because they can be easily heard and located. They are generally great in numbers during autumn and can enter inside your house even through the tiniest of cracks or holes. Once they get inside the gutters, they will start breeding rapidly and spread some deadly diseases such as Plague collapsed, Lassa Fever collapsed, Rat-Bite Fever too.

Thus, to save your house and your family members from harmful pest infestations, it is highly recommended to maintain your property on a regular basis. The more your home is clean, the lesser will be the chances of your home housing a pest infestation.


Author: Madalina Johnson

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