Winter Is Ideal For Building New Decks

Building New Decks

Although homeowners generally assume that summer or spring is the perfect time for having a deck built outside the house, winter is actually more than ideal. There are several benefits that you can reap by undertaking a deck construction while the cold weather still lasts. And according to professionals dealing with house extensions in Cork, the main reason behind it is that wood exposed to pressure treatment contracts and expands in the conditions prevailing outside during winter.

No matter whatever kind of board is used for building a deck, be it hardwood, vinyl, composites or something else, the foundation would necessitate construction using pressure treated wood anyway. And that is where cold weather can play a significant role in offering several advantages to the process of wood curing.

1. Wood exposed to pressure treatment has around 50 percent of moisture content initially. As winter is a dry season with very low humidity, it allows the wood to dry uniformly and also stabilise better.

2. Decking in the summer season can be quite detrimental to the wood because it gets subjected to high humidity that prevents quick and consistent drying. In addition to that, the heat of the sun may even lead to rapid contraction and expansion of the wood, thereby leading to warps, cracks and other forms of damage.

3. By undertaking a decking project in summer, you can also have an upper hand when it comes to avoiding rush among contractors, which is generally the case during summer. There will be very less backlogs, without you having to wait for a long time before the professional you hire can take over your project.

4. An outdoor project in winter also means you will not have too many disruptions to your quotidian activities, since winter is not the best time to have sun fun outside. In fact, your deck would be up and ready just in time for your barbecue parties in spring or summer.

5. Last but not least, building something outside during winter would cause less damage to the ground because of landscape dormancy in the colder months. Since the ground would stay cold, it is not likely to be damaged by any outdoor project.

Thus, as you can see, there are plenty of advantages that make winter an ideal time for having a deck built outside of the house. So if you have been planning to get a deck, now is better than ever to see a building contractor about it.


Author: Madalina Johnson

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