Investing In Paver Patios? Know These Things Before You Do


If you are planning to have a patio area created in your property with pavers, there are certain things that you need to know of before finalising the project. In addition to that, you must also find a good contractor who offers patio paving in Perth. Saying that, here are the things that you must be aware of:

Affordable & Low Maintenance
Nothing can beat pavers when it comes to low maintenance and ease of installation. Even though the installation costs would be higher compared to other options, the investment will help to save more in future, because it does not necessitate re-sealing or re-staining. In addition to that, any damaged paver can be repaired easily.

Drainage Planning
Before pavers are laid out for creating a patio area, it is important to plan the structure in such a way that it slopes away from the foundation of the house towards a pre-existing drainage space. There has to be a drop of about a quarter inch in elevation after every 2 feet.

Tight Edges
For keeping the consequences of paver movement to a minimum, it is generally advised to plan a solid edge with additional pavers, vinyl or metal edging, or a cement lip. Not only would it provide stability, but also impede the growth of weeds.

Suitable Colour Variations
Pavers will always have slight colour variations, in the same way as tiles or wood flooring do. For creating a natural aesthetic appeal, it can be great to combine varying pavers. Doing so can also help in avoiding a patchwork look.

Ideal Placement
In order to create patterns using pavers, the brick pavers will need to be cut at one point of time or another. This can be done either with the help of cold chisel, or by using a wet saw, which may be rented from any local home centre.

Packing Cracks
Pavers can be set in place at any time with application of sand in a thin layer between and over the bricks for filling up the cracks. Doing so would do more than just setting them in place – prevention of weed growth and proper drainage.

The Deeper, The Better
While work is being carried for construction of a patio area with pavers, the area must be dug deeper under the vegetation cover, at least six inches. The deeper the ground is dug, the better the foundation of the patio area will be.

The most vital factor among all of these would be finding good tradespeople, so make sure you do so diligently as well.

Author: Madalina Johnson

I am a passionate Digital Marketer. I love to build good business strategy.

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