Materials Used By A Sustainable Building Contractor

building contractor

A renewable energy oriented service can help you in many ways depending upon your project. You must understand the different ways on how to make a good use of these renewable energy solutions before starting with a project, such as a residential construction.

In today’s world more and more households are opting to install renewable energy systems, as a result the need for renewable energy services from Cork has increased. So what are the materials that these professionals use and why do people prefer to use them?

Steel beams

steel beams
Renewable energy contractors build the framing process by simplifying it with customized steel panels. A building with steel panel framework is a good choice in areas prone to earthquakes and high winds. A 186 square metre wooden framework house requires 40 to 50 trees to be uprooted, while a steel framework requires steel equivalent to not more than 6 to 7 scrapped cars. Approximately 65 tonnes of scrapped steel are recycled each year. Recycling the scraps reduces the energy needed to make steel.

Straw bale house

straw bale
A byproduct of the grain industry is straw and thus straw bales fit well to plaster walls and stucco. Straw bales are a good insulator. Each bale usually weighs 23 to 41 kilos and an 186 square metre house requires approximately 300 straw bales.

Cool Roofing

Cool roofing is the process of reflecting the heat of the sun and staying cooler in summer. This process blocks the heat outside, thus transferring less heat inside the building. In the past, roofing materials needed to be painted with lighter colours, but new techniques allows a consumer to go for darker shades too colour. Colours do not matter so much in today’s technology as whatever be the hue, heat is transferred back to the atmosphere by the material.

Insulated structural panels (ISP)

ISPs are a kind of layer where foam is used as an insulator between two pieces of plywood, cement panels and strand boards. ISPs are used in laying foundations, floors and walls. They are completely fire resistant and their surface can be attached with wood grain or stucco to give a finer look. One can cover the panels with bricks, stone and siding as per the requirements.

Recycled wood

Recycled wood is a formation of recycled plastics and wood fibres used in 50-50 ratio. It is much durable and less toxic than traditionally treated lumber. Recycled woods are more rigid than the plastic lumbers because the wooden fibres provide extra strength. They are also resistant to mould and rot, more rigid in colder climates and more pliable in the summers.

Overall, it’s generally a wise choice to consider a sustainable building contractor for your housing project as they are considerably cheaper too, besides being energy efficient in their ways.


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