A Brief Guide To Carpet Patching

carpet patchingIn order to describe the method of carpet patching ideally, it would be best to regard it as form of a art and also science. It is generally necessitated when a damage caused by pets on a carpet has to be repaired. However, it can also be used for salvaging other issues like accidental burns, stains and tears.

The most common method used by professionals to perform carpet patching involves replacing the affected spot with a similar and new piece of the same carpet obtained from leftovers. None but a qualified and experienced pro can complete the task proficiently by executing each step of it in an effective manner.

Now people may start wondering as to where a carpet patching professional finds a suitable piece to do the repair with? Well, most of the times, after the installation of a brand new carpet, some scraps might remain as residue. Those pieces are perfect to be utilised for doing a patchwork. As such, when getting a brand new flooring laid out, make sure you do not throw away the leftover material.

In case there are no leftovers to get a suitable piece from, the patch can still be obtained from an inconspicuous area of the carpet. It can be a spot that either remains hidden underneath a furniture or stay concealed in a dark, unlit corner.

You might think that purchasing an appropriately matching carpet patch from any local improvement store is a piece of cake. However, the odds of finding the same kind of piece is usually less. As such, your best bet is to save the leftovers from the very first installation job.

Although carpet patching is an almost sure-shot process of fixing a damaged flooring flawlessly, it can fail if a professional makes one or more of the following mistakes:

  • Cuts off the pieces of nap from the carpet 
  • Running the patch in a wrong direction
  • Leaving a substantial gap between the patch seams
  • Using a patch with a colour different from that of the carpet due to fading

If you wish to avoid all these things, then make sure you hire a reliable and experienced professional in Perth for performing invisible mending on your carpet. In order to do so, obtain quotes from at least three service providers and then check their testimonials & portfolio to figure out the quality of work that they provide to customers. Finally, choose the best one from among them.


Author: Madalina Johnson

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