How To Plan Your Kid’s Birthday Party On A Budget?


Celebrating your kid’s birthday is something that is full of fun and filled with activities. There are numerous factors which need to be followed in order to organise a successful event. However, on the other hand working within a pocket friendly budget for arranging the party is a crucial factor. Most of the parents want to organise their kid’s birthday party by following a moderate budget structure. Cutting off certain luxurious things from the event can help you to arrange a simple yet memorable birthday celebration for your little one. Stated below are some ideas of throwing a budget friendly birthday party, have a look –

1. Prefer to arrange the event at home
It is not always necessary to book a top rated banquet hall or restaurant to throw the party. Simply arranging it at your home can provide your child with the same amount of fun and happiness. If you have a spacious lawn area and if your child’s birthday is in the summer season, then opt for an outdoor party. Focus on arranging a joyful and memorable party instead of a luxurious one.

2. Invitation 
Since it’s about celebrating your kid’s birthday party, make sure only to invite your kid’s friends. Inviting their parents as well can increase the total expenses of the party because you have to arrange separate foods for them.

3. Foods 
Kids are more fond of having snacks rather than main courses. For instance, they just love to have pizzas, burgers and pastries. These foods are much more cost effective compared to other main courses. So if you are a good cook, then you can make these delicacies on your own. However, if you don’t have sufficient time for purchasing the ingredients, then hire a personal shopping concierge in Melbourne who can bring all the necessary items for you.

4. Decorations 
A birthday party is incomplete without proper decoration and highlighting of the ambience of the celebration. Thus, whether you are opting for an outdoor party or an indoor one, make sure to enhance the place with beautiful decorative items. You can make them on your own instead of purchasing them from the market. This can help you to cut off your overall estimated budget to some extent.

5. Birthday cake 
A birthday cake is the focal point of every birthday party. Make sure to choose a colourful cake which will brighten up the occasion. Make an appointment with a reputed cake maker and order a custom made birthday cake according to your taste and preferences.

Thus, follow all the above mentioned tips to plan a pocket friendly birthday party for your sweet little kid.


Author: Madalina Johnson

I am a passionate Digital Marketer. I love to build good business strategy.

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