A Solution To Bird Control

commercial bird control

Bird control is a necessary measure for every business, especially in the coastal areas of Australia. Basically, it is to keep the area clean by safely discouraging the feathered friends from landing, pooping and nesting. Thus, bird control methods like bird spikes and bird netting are used to keep birds away without harming them.

Despite the invention of regular to sophisticated bird control devices, bird spikes are still on the use to prevent pesky birds from creating menace. The instrument’s length is usually one foot and its primary aim is to prevent the birds from perching & pooping. This controlling method is applicable for all types of winged species. Spikes are considered as safe repelling methods as the birds generally don’t like to come in contact with them. And the reason is that the birds fear the sharp, pointy tips of the spikes and moreover, they cannot place their feet on the tips. However, pest bird control in Melbourne uses bird spikes which are blunt and equally effective to repel birds. The tips are made blunt so as they do not pose a threat to human safety.

A place without a bird spike can get affected by situations like clogged rain water pipes caused due to the feathers and droppings of the plumaged creatures. Besides the spikes, one can also install visual distractions and netting to divert the birds. Bird droppings have a high concentration of uric acid. This means the droppings can discolour the paint, stain wood, crumble stonework and erode metals.

Spikes are made up of rigid & UV-resistant polycarbonate and they are hard to break. Some also come in stainless steel options. The spikes are available in a variety of colours and widths to choose from and very easy to install. The colour and the width option can be chosen based on the colour and pattern of a property. It is important to make sure that a sufficient amount of spikes is installed to cover the ledge as well as the corners.

Bird netting is also a highly effective solution for bird control. Nettings are ideal for courtyards, patio covers and rooftops. If there is a small garden at the frontal space of a property with some fruit trees, crops or vineyards, using netting is a must. Heavy duty bird netting is the best for structures and buildings.

If you are living in an area where birds often invade and leave nasty discharges, then you should take a wise decision of hiring a pest bird control expert.

Image Source: homeyou