Home Renovators: Getting Your Construction Project Completed Ideally

house renovators

Ready to spruce up your new home finally, but can’t find a reputable renovation company? Renovation or refurbishing can be stressful as hard decisions often come on the way. So, why don’t you leave these to the professionals who are experts at ensuring positive results?

New home renovation services include construction of a particular area within your house to change the interior and exterior look. Changes in design are also made ensuring a hassle-free management of the entire project. Renovation companies care for their customers and thus, they provide unique design ideas based on your budget and compare it to the implementation cost. Buying a new land without these professionals can put you in trouble, especially in terms of constructional ideas and utilizing the space properly. The professionals can guide you about the structure and provide you with a perfect plan.
On the contrary, if you already have a house and are looking for an extension, they can be the best professionals behind this job. Expert renovators generally offer suggestions based on the existing structure, size as well as potential extra costs.

According to general rule, the more complicated the design, the higher the expenses would be. Some online based renovation companies offer estimates over a consultation call. From this you can determine an approximate cost of your renovation or extension plan. Moreover, estimates help to determine a company’s background, and if you feel its matching with your budget, simply make a call to start over the plan. Thus, estimation can help you to compare various renovation companies before you choose the final one.
The first step would be to get a blueprint or a rough drawing on the paper. To do this, let the renovating team visit the project site so that they can thoroughly inspect the structure or the land. Once that’s done, they can proceed with the designing part, depending on your personal requirements. After a contract has been finalised, you may ask the renovators to report and guide you about each day’s work.

Beautification and Adding Features
Home renovation services also include beautification by changing crucial parts of a building. This includes:
1. Innovative and latest remodeling designs
2. Addition of new flooring such as carpets, tiles, linoleum or wood
3. Installing of wood panels, painting walls or applying wallpapers
4. Upgrading cabinets and fixtures
5. Replacing windows and doors

It is important to hire a reliable and reputed renovation team so that you can include various creative works in your building construction project.


Materials Used By A Sustainable Building Contractor

building contractor

A renewable energy oriented service can help you in many ways depending upon your project. You must understand the different ways on how to make a good use of these renewable energy solutions before starting with a project, such as a residential construction.

In today’s world more and more households are opting to install renewable energy systems, as a result the need for renewable energy services from Cork has increased. So what are the materials that these professionals use and why do people prefer to use them?

Steel beams

steel beams
Renewable energy contractors build the framing process by simplifying it with customized steel panels. A building with steel panel framework is a good choice in areas prone to earthquakes and high winds. A 186 square metre wooden framework house requires 40 to 50 trees to be uprooted, while a steel framework requires steel equivalent to not more than 6 to 7 scrapped cars. Approximately 65 tonnes of scrapped steel are recycled each year. Recycling the scraps reduces the energy needed to make steel.

Straw bale house

straw bale
A byproduct of the grain industry is straw and thus straw bales fit well to plaster walls and stucco. Straw bales are a good insulator. Each bale usually weighs 23 to 41 kilos and an 186 square metre house requires approximately 300 straw bales.

Cool Roofing

Cool roofing is the process of reflecting the heat of the sun and staying cooler in summer. This process blocks the heat outside, thus transferring less heat inside the building. In the past, roofing materials needed to be painted with lighter colours, but new techniques allows a consumer to go for darker shades too colour. Colours do not matter so much in today’s technology as whatever be the hue, heat is transferred back to the atmosphere by the material.

Insulated structural panels (ISP)

ISPs are a kind of layer where foam is used as an insulator between two pieces of plywood, cement panels and strand boards. ISPs are used in laying foundations, floors and walls. They are completely fire resistant and their surface can be attached with wood grain or stucco to give a finer look. One can cover the panels with bricks, stone and siding as per the requirements.

Recycled wood

Recycled wood is a formation of recycled plastics and wood fibres used in 50-50 ratio. It is much durable and less toxic than traditionally treated lumber. Recycled woods are more rigid than the plastic lumbers because the wooden fibres provide extra strength. They are also resistant to mould and rot, more rigid in colder climates and more pliable in the summers.

Overall, it’s generally a wise choice to consider a sustainable building contractor for your housing project as they are considerably cheaper too, besides being energy efficient in their ways.

Smart Tips For An Ideal Commercial Building

building-919067_960_720The construction of any kind of commercial structure involves a substantial investment in terms of finance as well as time. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that you choose the right people and materials for your project. Besides that, complying with the local and regional regulations is also essential.

So, here are some smart tips that you can follow in order to transform your visualised commercial project into reality:

Assess The Available Options
As has been mentioned already, getting a commercial building requires a huge investment. So make sure you have the necessary finance and time to complete the project. Otherwise, there are plenty of alternative options that you can consider, such as renting an office space, remodelling an old one, or purchasing a property.

Determine Your Budget
Before anything else, hire a good bank advisor and discuss the amount of money you’ll need for successfully completing the construction. Determine the best financing solutions and create feasible revenue projections by formulating a dynamic business plan.

Obtain Necessary Permits
Like every other place in Ireland, Cork has its own building regulations governing the construction of residential as well as commercial properties. As such, it is extremely vital that you obtain a suitable building permit to kickstart your project.

Hire The Right Tradespeople
Once the permit has been obtained, the next critical task that you need to complete is hire reliable, experienced and licensed professionals who would work on your project efficiently. First, you ought to hire an architect and a designer, and after that, you must locate an expert local contractor, particularly some company with ample of expertise in commercial building design.

Don’t Make Last-Minute Alterations
Making last minute changes is among the top mistakes that you can commit while a commercial building project is underway. Doing so can lead to budget overruns, and also cause unnecessary delays.

Have A Contingency Plan
This step is one of the most crucial in any commercial construction project. You ought to have a contingency plan in order to cover additional costs. There is a wide range of additional expenses which can surface, such as plumbing & electrical alterations, landscaping costs, equipment purchase, moving costs and so on.

So make sure you follow these tips carefully in order to ensure the successful completion of your commercial building construction project. Every single move that you make has to be calculated properly so as to get the best possible outcome on the whole.

Winter Is Ideal For Building New Decks

Building New Decks

Although homeowners generally assume that summer or spring is the perfect time for having a deck built outside the house, winter is actually more than ideal. There are several benefits that you can reap by undertaking a deck construction while the cold weather still lasts. And according to professionals dealing with house extensions in Cork, the main reason behind it is that wood exposed to pressure treatment contracts and expands in the conditions prevailing outside during winter.

No matter whatever kind of board is used for building a deck, be it hardwood, vinyl, composites or something else, the foundation would necessitate construction using pressure treated wood anyway. And that is where cold weather can play a significant role in offering several advantages to the process of wood curing.

1. Wood exposed to pressure treatment has around 50 percent of moisture content initially. As winter is a dry season with very low humidity, it allows the wood to dry uniformly and also stabilise better.

2. Decking in the summer season can be quite detrimental to the wood because it gets subjected to high humidity that prevents quick and consistent drying. In addition to that, the heat of the sun may even lead to rapid contraction and expansion of the wood, thereby leading to warps, cracks and other forms of damage.

3. By undertaking a decking project in summer, you can also have an upper hand when it comes to avoiding rush among contractors, which is generally the case during summer. There will be very less backlogs, without you having to wait for a long time before the professional you hire can take over your project.

4. An outdoor project in winter also means you will not have too many disruptions to your quotidian activities, since winter is not the best time to have sun fun outside. In fact, your deck would be up and ready just in time for your barbecue parties in spring or summer.

5. Last but not least, building something outside during winter would cause less damage to the ground because of landscape dormancy in the colder months. Since the ground would stay cold, it is not likely to be damaged by any outdoor project.

Thus, as you can see, there are plenty of advantages that make winter an ideal time for having a deck built outside of the house. So if you have been planning to get a deck, now is better than ever to see a building contractor about it.

The Emergence Of Green Principles In Building Construction


The world of building construction has definitely been through a sea of change in the last few years. If the market reports and the nitty-gritty of the demographics are considered intently, it will be clearly seen how this specific market has envisioned a steep rise in terms of meteoric growth. The recent scenario in the property market is more and more being concentrated on green building tactics and trends which tend to bring in more profitable options for the buyers. Let’s get a little cosy with the facades in this connection.

In the midst of the present times, construction companies give much priority to the structural aspects. By all means they choose to ensure that the structures of buildings, bridges, towers, sky scrappers and mansions which they develop are well aligned with green principles. Maintaining proper parity with the ecological balance of the environment is one of their prime concerns for sure. The construction companies institute their policies and protocols keeping the that factor in mind.

Sustainable development
Sustainable development through construction projects happens to be a highly laurelled priority which is well embraced by the renowned building developers and construction project giants all over the world. Building contractors in Cork should unmistakably be mentioned in this aspect. Each and every construction project in Cork does bear the testimony of being engineered and brought to completion by people who are in love with the concept of sustainable development. Pro construction entities and building contractors in this part do their best to make sure that the projects do not cause any harm to the environment.

Hoards of benefits to count
Individuals who are patronizing the real estate properties developed by building contractors in Cork are highly satisfied. Their undisturbed comfort zone is surely one of the major reasons. However, there are evidently other aspects to be added to the list. All the functional needs of these buildings are properly dealt with. With the green methods and sustainable initiatives added with, the value of these projects does shoot up immeasurably.

Thus, the interesting discussion can be slated for a conducive conclusion with the bottom line that contractors are doing all the necessary snow job that property owners ardently desire. While dealing with these pros, you will get the chance to get the most top rated professionals on your side. Most eco-friendly modern properties are developed under the strict advice of industry leading architects. Thus, these properties are known to withstand the ravages of times and stand firm.


Top Commercial Interior Design Trends


With the increasing focus on development of innovative ideas for home interiors, it seems like commercial properties are also trying to kickstart with their very own exotic designs for interiors. According to many builders and interior designers in Cork, meticulous amount of effort goes into developing the inner space when the plan of any commercial building design is being drafted. In fact, some specific interior design fads have even come into circulation recently. Let’s have a look at each one of them in detail:

Geometric & Super-Scale Patterns

Geometric & Super-Scale Patterns

Earlier, small-scale & casual designs were all the trend for hospital and hotel floors. However, now they have got replaced with patterns that are large, geometric and dramatic. Following this fad can allow any business to make a design statement which leaves an indelible impression on the visitors.

Deep Hues

Deep and cooling hues that showcase the congenital exquisiteness of nature are commonly being used in commercial establishments nowadays. Tones like greys and charcoals tinged with shades of green are the most popular. But one can also augment with stone, taupe and ivory to induce balance.

Whimsical Combinations

traditional room

Gone are the days when interior designers relied entirely on formulaic themes. Rather, they are now encompassing a range of unexpected whimsical touches for bringing about uniqueness in each space. For instance, non-similar flooring tiles are being combined strategically to achieve a bizarre visual appeal.

Dual-Purpose Features

Multi-purpose designs are growing rapidly in popularity due to the range of possibilities that they offer. Some instances of this trend are the filing cabinets having pull-out seats, lounge chairs with tablet arms, and so on. Besides improving space economy, they also help to save a lot of money.

Collaboration Rather Than Segregation

In the modern times, workers don’t like to be isolated in small cubicles anymore. Employees wish to have constant communication and increased interaction among each other. In order to streamline designs with this demand, desks are being segregated with transparent or low panels. Some commercial places are ditching partitions altogether to establish circular workstations and hike up knowledge transfer as well as communication.

Eco-Friendly Builds

eco friendly room

For meeting social obligations and also decreasing their carbon footprints, corporations are utilising environment friendly designs for their commercial properties. Most builders are also switching completely to eco-friendly techniques for constructing commercial establishments.

From what is being shown by recent records, the above mentioned trends are rising rapidly in popularity, and they aren’t going to phase out anytime soon.