Do You Know Which Are The Dirtiest Places In Your Office?

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Office is the place where you spend almost half of your day working. Most of the office authorities try their best to keep the workplace neat and clean everyday. But however, it is not possible to maintain a germ free area even if you try to keep the place spic and span all by yourself. For instance, suppose one of your colleagues seating beside you sneezes unintentionally due to cold and cough, your place gets infected with the germs and virus that way. There are even some places in the office premises which can become the dirtiest one without your knowledge and can cause health issues too. Check them out below –

Surprisingly, it has been stated that the place where you work for hours and hours is one of the dirtiest places in an office! Especially the keyboards, through which you write different blogs, article and prepare memo is a place that has tendency to get dirtier rapidly. People using your keyboard for different purposes hardly wash their hands before using it. As a result, harmful germs as well as bacterias build up and wait to get transmitted to the next person who will come to use the system, probably you.

Tools & equipment
Every office employee has to use different types of tools and equipment for different purposes. And the same tools and equipment can be used by different employees for their respective purposes as well. Thus, germs and bacterias formed can get easily transferred to one’s body which can cause unnecessary health hazards. Some of the general items that are commonly used by almost every employee of an office are listed below –

  • Remote controls
  • Staplers
  • Paper holes
  • Files & important documents


Office rugs
Office rugs are another common space where germs can build up quickly. And because in most of the offices, carpets are installed around all over the flooring, there is a high chance for the employees to get affected by germs that can cause deadly diseases. Thus, in order to prevent germ buildup on the rugs, it is strictly recommended to clean the entire area only by appointing a commercial carpet cleaning service provider in Fort St John instead of assigning the cleaning task to office employees.

Thus, in order to prevent dirt buildup, it is always advisable to take measurable cleaning steps whenever required in these places.


All About Water Damaged Carpet Restoration

water damaged carpet restoration

It seems that along with soil, pests and other microbes are also attracted to moisture. And the problem arises from here. If you do not take a quick decision on your wet carpet, it may become subject to permanent discolouration and putrid odours. To make it worse, it may also turn into a safe haven for moulds and pathogens that are quite capable of affecting your family’s health. So, being a homeowner, what can you do?

Determining the damage
Accidents can occur anytime, anywhere. Therefore, when it comes to water damaged carpets, the best and the only answer is to call a professional firm that would clean up the mess and save the carpet from getting affected. First, you need to know which type of moisture is hampering your carpet. If the source is a washing machine or a sink it can be dealt with easily. However, if you are dealing with it after 24 hours, things may not be the same.

If the damage has occurred from flood or sewage overflow, then you must not try to remove the wet carpet at all. This is because, flood and sewage water contains bacteria, fungi and viruses that may get you sick. Also, flood water can invite snakes and splinters of wood and glass that may hide or seep under the carpet. In such circumstances, water damage restoration teams must be called in to handle the situation safely and professionally.

The process of restoration
Disaster that involves excess water may require expensive treatments. Heavily damaged carpet from flood water has to be removed entirely and then sprayed with anti-bacterial sprays and powders that are safe for pets and kids. But if the problem is limited to a certain area, it does not pose that much problem. A restoration team would use their best dehumidifiers and air movers on the affected part. This pulls out the moisture at a very quick rate. The drying process is completed within a few hours. Hiring the appropriate professional team can save your cherished belongings as they use the appropriate materials and procedures for every restoration job.

Water damage restoration is a service offered by the specialists who are suitably qualified for all kinds of carpet restoration, cleaning, and repair works. Thus, a company which restores carpet from water damage is the best team who can save you a significant amount of money and is the only solution to all types of carpeting disputes.

Advanced Forms Of Carpet Restoration

Carpet Restoration

Carpet patching is one of the most common services provided by a carpet repairing company. Now, what is carpet patching? If you have a damaged section in a carpet (like cigarette burn, pet urine stains, bleach spot or snags) one of the best ways to fix is through carpet patching.

Carpet patching is done with an extra piece of carpet usually left behind from the initial installation job. This is because the carpet tile or the piece must be of the same kind (colour and material) so that the patching cannot be detected with bare eyes after fixing. Carpet patching cannot be done without the help of a skilled repairing professional. The extra piece is cut according to the damaged spot and is glued over the damaged area.

At first, the damaged area is cleared from dust presence by vacuum cleaning. The presence of dust can affect the holding ability of the glue. After removing the dust particles, the damaged section and its surrounding area are removed. After this, the extra piece is placed carefully on the removed spot so that the edges of the patchwork fits ideally into the damaged area.

If the damaged space is bigger than an inch, you may need to do invisible mending on the carpet. Invisible mending is a process of stitching the carpet with a bigger patchwork. The patchwork or the extra piece of carpet is finely stitched into the damaged spot so that the patchwork cannot be seen with naked eyes. A professional, offering the service of invisible mending in Perth, must be hired in case you need a bigger patchwork to be done on your carpet. Invisible mending is the simplest method of restoring your carpet looking at the longevity. This process stops the damage from spreading and also saves you from buying an entirely new carpet for your flooring.

Carpet repair professionals are also expert in normal carpet restoration, re-stretching, carpet laying, water damage restoration, steam cleaning and also commercial and domestic cleaning. In other words, a company that serves invisible mending can help you with all types of solutions associated with carpets.

A Brief Guide To Carpet Patching

carpet patchingIn order to describe the method of carpet patching ideally, it would be best to regard it as form of a art and also science. It is generally necessitated when a damage caused by pets on a carpet has to be repaired. However, it can also be used for salvaging other issues like accidental burns, stains and tears.

The most common method used by professionals to perform carpet patching involves replacing the affected spot with a similar and new piece of the same carpet obtained from leftovers. None but a qualified and experienced pro can complete the task proficiently by executing each step of it in an effective manner.

Now people may start wondering as to where a carpet patching professional finds a suitable piece to do the repair with? Well, most of the times, after the installation of a brand new carpet, some scraps might remain as residue. Those pieces are perfect to be utilised for doing a patchwork. As such, when getting a brand new flooring laid out, make sure you do not throw away the leftover material.

In case there are no leftovers to get a suitable piece from, the patch can still be obtained from an inconspicuous area of the carpet. It can be a spot that either remains hidden underneath a furniture or stay concealed in a dark, unlit corner.

You might think that purchasing an appropriately matching carpet patch from any local improvement store is a piece of cake. However, the odds of finding the same kind of piece is usually less. As such, your best bet is to save the leftovers from the very first installation job.

Although carpet patching is an almost sure-shot process of fixing a damaged flooring flawlessly, it can fail if a professional makes one or more of the following mistakes:

  • Cuts off the pieces of nap from the carpet 
  • Running the patch in a wrong direction
  • Leaving a substantial gap between the patch seams
  • Using a patch with a colour different from that of the carpet due to fading

If you wish to avoid all these things, then make sure you hire a reliable and experienced professional in Perth for performing invisible mending on your carpet. In order to do so, obtain quotes from at least three service providers and then check their testimonials & portfolio to figure out the quality of work that they provide to customers. Finally, choose the best one from among them.