Tips To Extend The Life Of A Computer System

Computer System

Computers are the most popular and useful electronic devices used by billions of people all over the world. If handled with proper care, the lifespan of a computer can be extended significantly in addition to avoiding unnecessary expenses. Stated below are some of the easiest methods which can be used to maximise the lifespan of a computer system, have a look –

1. Avoid turning on and off your device unnecessarily

turn of computer

It has been seen that many computer owners have a tendency to switch off their systems multiple times a day. Although it is not good to keep your machine on for weeks either, frequent cooling and heating cycles can lower its overall lifespan.

2. Avoid drinking or eating while using the system

Avoid drinking or eating
Getting liquids or food spilled on a computer system can really create multiple hazardous problems. After all, water or food and electronic devices can never mix. Thus, it is highly prohibited to have your meal while working on your computer.

3. Tune up your device regularly

update computer
Having your device inspected by a qualified and experienced computer repair specialist in Bunbury for regular tuneups is a good way to increase both its performance and lifespan. An expert is always equipped with appropriate software tools and knows which ones he needs to install in your device for improving its longevity.

4. Keep it in a cool and clean environment

cool computer room
Computers are vulnerable to heat and dust. Thus, it is always suggested that you keep your system in a cool and neat place. The cooler and cleaner the place is, the more long-lasting your computer is going to be.

5. Install an anti-malware software program and update it on a regular basis

Malware is one of the root causes for computers going dead all of a sudden. Therefore, installing a good anti-malware program and updating it regularly can really help you to extend the lifespan of your computer.

Keeping a computer system in a good condition is not as tough as it seems. Rather, it can provide you with numerous benefits. Not only will it help you to work without any hassles on your system, but also ensure uninterrupted progress of your business, in case you run one. With just a few simple and quick checks & installations, you can be sure about obtaining the maximum utility from your computer system without any disturbance. Always remember to upgrade the entire system regularly and shoo away all problems before they even get a chance to corrupt it.


How To Protect Your Laptop From Virus And Intruder Attacks?

Need to protect your laptop from intruders or virus attacks? Check out this presentation for some top ideas about protecting a computer against harmful attacks.

Should You Get Antivirus For Your Mac?


In general, iMac computers do not face as many virus threats as their Windows counterparts. This is because the number of people who use Windows is greater, thus making the operating system the primary target of malware creators. Besides that, all Mac devices, be it a laptop or desktop, come with their own standard security measure, which is capable of deflecting a large spectrum of threats spread over the Internet. Nevertheless, it can be a prudent idea to invest in a good 3rd party antivirus for sealing up any loopholes present in Mac system.

With each passing day, the number of malware creators targeting Mac users is increasing at quite a substantial rate. Even if your Apple computer is safe from Internet threats, it can still get exposed to malware through USB drives, instant messages and emails. A typical Mac antivirus software works in addition to inbuilt internet protections for providing extra protection instead of a substitute solution. It also helps to make sure that outgoing files and messages aren’t infected with malicious codes, which can harm some other Mac system, perhaps that of a friend or relative.

Most of the popular paid antivirus programs for Mac systems do not cause any hindrance to the performance of a computer while scanning. Rather, they prevent threats from getting in the system by checking everything right from external drives up to emails.

Currently, the most effective antivirus program in the market for Mac systems is Bitdefender. To begin with, it is comprised of all essential features that a good defense software should have. It effectively scans USB ports and emails, and also has a gamer mode. It has three licenses too, which allow it to be used with mobile devices and laptops also. Another effective program is Norton Security, which can identify as well as resolve issues quickly. However, it lags a bit in computer performance, and can be used on mobile devices besides desktops due to having one license. Kaspersky Lab also provides efficient protection by automatically scanning incoming emails and USB devices.

If you wish to get antivirus protection for your Mac system, then get in touch with a reliable and effective computer installation firm in Bunbury. Make sure you find some business that has good reputation in the market. At first, consider a few putative professionals and check the reviews posted by their previous customers. Pick the one with the highest number of positive testimonials.



Tips To Stay Safe From Computer Viruses


Computer viruses are small and harmful programming codes that get introduced via the Internet or external storage drives. Most of them are capable of inflicting severe damage to individual PCs and even entire network systems. What’s even worst is that they can replicate themselves and quickly spread to other systems also. Fortunately, there are several precautions that can be taken to stay safe from computer viruses. The most effective ones have been cited below by experts of virus removal in Bunbury:

A Good Antivirus

Installing a good quality antivirus is an important measure to prevent spyware or virus infection from entering a computer. However, instead of the free applications distributed by the Internet Service Provider, users should opt for pro and business-grade programs to ensure protection against a vast array of threats and activate extra protective features.

Anti-Spyware Protection

In addition to an effective antivirus program, having anti-spyware protection is also essential. This is because anti-spyware applications can keep a computer safe from Trojan, adware and other types of spyware infections actively, or in real time. They are not only capable of preventing infections, but can also eliminate the ones which are present already.

Regular Scans

Since new types of malware are being invented almost every day, it is possible for some of them to outsmart a security software and enter into a system. Performing daily scans is the only way to ensure early detection of these malwares and kicking them out before they start causing trouble.

Deactivation Of Autorun

As has been mentioned already, viruses can be present in external storage drives also. As such, connecting infected thumb drives, external hard disks or network drives can lead to installation of the malicious programs if autorun on the computer is enabled. Therefore, users should make it a point to disable autorun on their PCs.

DNS Protection

A computer becomes vulnerable to a wide range of insidious programs while accessing the Internet. And one of those threats is poisoned DNS attacks, which are corrupted DNS servers that direct users to unauthorised Web servers. In order to stay protected from such attacks, one should opt for DNS services. DNS services can prevent spyware, common phishing and various other Internet-based threats.

If you wish to safeguard your PC against viruses, malware, adware, spyware, DNS attacks, and other malicious applications, make sure you follow the above mentioned tips properly.