The Best Paving Ideas To Increase Aesthetic Appeal In The Pool Area

Planning for constructing a swimming pool is a question of big investment. But the pool itself can be a noteworthy part of your backyard. It’s essential to ensure that the surrounding areas of the pool are also up to the mark. Because, once the arrangements are set up, it can be costlier to change the settings. So, here’s a useful checklist that can help you to consider and plan what kind of swimming pool outlines you require.

backyard space

The backyard space:

To make your swimming pool look nice and elegant, determine how much you can utilise your backyard space. Get ideas from a paving contractor in Perth. Share your ideas and budget and he/she can definitely come up with a suitable option for you. Plan a pool layout. Mark the area where you would like to have the swimming pool. Draw a fair idea about the pool and work on the design, shape and size.

Pool paving

Swimming pool ideas

Classic look: Classic styled swimming pool is typically made to bring a traditional and unique touch. When traditional is the choice, always go for brick pavers which are a great material based on your colour combination. Additionally, they are durable and cost-effictive than any other brick paving option. However, modern brick manufacturers are coming up with new designs and patterns that are also fit for modern swimming pool pavement.


Natural swimming pool: Swimming pool is the best place to add a touch of nature. Therefore, add some artificial waterfalls along with some walk-ins and natural fences. This can impact a great look to your backyard. When it comes to pavement, brick and stone both are the best choices. Try mix-matching both of them to give a perfect look of nature.


Contemporary look: This look is the best if you are looking for something modern. When opting for this look never stick to oval, round or rectangle pools. Build something abstract. Or even if you want to stick with the basic geometrical shapes, plan your ideas with the paving services to bring forth new and innovative ideas.

Important guidelines to be considered: Designing a pool area is not a bad idea, but you must not go beyond the guidelines. So, here are some important guidelines to consider before you start with the project.

  • Do you have kids at home? If yes, you need to plan the pavement area accordingly. Generally, brick pavement is the best option with kids around.
  • If you are building a voluminous pool, make sure that it is safe for diving. If you are including a diving platform or springboard above the pool area, make sure that its base is strong enough.
  • Give attention to the steps, sitting areas and lie down areas. Ensure that you have sitting arrangements with top tables near the pool or at the edge so that you can get your required items as soon as you want.

Constructing a pool according to your needs and design is not that easy. It is a smart choice to work with an experienced pool paver to achieve the perfection needed.


Moisture Control Guidance For A Renovation Project

House Renovation Cork

Damp is widely misdiagnosed in existing buildings. Controlling moisture is fundamental for a building if you want proper functionality. To bring success, moisture control does not require everything to be completely dry. Damps are controllable as long as key materials are kept dry enough to avoid problems.

Solving damp
Any building more than 80 years old is likely to have solid walls. It can be brick, oak, stone, earth or even chalk. Such buildings often suffer from damp problems, although in many cases the problems are the result of modern alterations or improvements like replacing lime with cement, painting using modern impermeable products, replacing suspended timber floors with concrete and changing external ground levels against the building.

These alterations often cause damp on the walls. Therefore, you need to upgrade to damp-proofing walls in existing houses. A great deal of damage can be done by using inappropriate modern materials. You can opt for an injected silicone damp-proof course which can solve rising damp in soft brick walls and some porous stone. But be cautious as it can destroy earth walls, and would prove a waste of money on a rubble stone wall. This is why it is recommended to hire a building construction company to understand the requirement based on the building material you have.

Combating damps
Rising damps create signs of hygroscopic salts. Often the problem can be solved using non-invasive methods such as improving ground drainage around the property, lowering the external ground level, improving ventilation and even just getting the heating back on.

Damp is often caused from condensation within a building. The solution is to improve ventilation, and to ensure that the building can breathe by reinstating lime in place of impermeable cement in plaster, mortar and render. Penetrating damp problems in walls and ceilings can usually be resolved by hiring building contractors in Cork. They can repair the building’s fabric with lime mortar, lime render or missing hung tiles.

This is also the stage to treat the building if there are signs of infestation. Some of the owners do not like spraying chemicals to treat rot and woodworm. Thus, it is a wise choice to hire eco-friendly pest control service. But these problems can resolve themselves in a few months once the prime issue of dampness is fixed and the building is heated.

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Why Should You Considering Remodeling Your Home?

house remodeling(1)

There can be different reasons for remodelling your residence in Cork other than increasing its value or transforming the look of your home’s interiors. A house renovation project, when completed in a proper way, can hike up the functionality of all your rooms. Let’s have a look at some vital reasons for which you may consider changing the appearance of your abode through a remodelling project:

Upping Resale Value
The facade of any home plays a very important role when it comes to raising the sales potential and value of the property. And there are several ways to improve the facade through remodelling – neat landscaping, new shutters, fresh paint and an attractive roof being some of them.

Making Energy Savings
Remodelling can help you to cut down on your energy bills significantly, such as by replacing power-hungry appliances with Energy Star rated ones, installing energy-efficient windows to ensure ideal heating & cooling, and so on.

Bringing In Something New
A well-planned renovation project can provide the much needed facelift that you think your residence requires right now to achieve a brand new look. For instance, you can have the baseboards and walls painted in neutral hues to establish a clean & fresh ambience.

Adding An Extra Room
Perhaps you are a newly wedded couple who are happy with their small, cosy house. But in future, when you have kids, you would need more space for them. So consider hiring a specialist of home renovations to add some extra square footage, and avoid the hassles which the days ahead of you might bring.

Prepping For Old Age
If you want your house to feel as comfortable as it does right now even after your retirement, you ought to plan a renovation project for upgrading the residence with features by step-in showers, walk-in bathtubs, wheelchair accessible toilets, handrails and so on.

Avoiding The Hassles Of Relocation
Rather than wasting time in searching for the home of your dreams, transform your current residence into a paradise by implementing a carefully planned renovation project. You can add extra rooms, upgrade the bathrooms & kitchen area, get rid of an annoying wall, etc.

Thus, there are so many reasons for which you can have your home remodelled. Just make sure you find the right professionals to take care of the job. And in order to do that, do your research carefully when it comes to locating a good home renovation company.