How To Decorate And Make Your Small Garden Look Prominent?

A little garden space doesn’t mean you can’t have exactly what you need. There are different measures that can be implemented to enhance the beauty and functionality of your small garden. Proper paving gives your garden a whole new dimension and will be very eye catchy for the visitors who will arrive. So, go ahead and enjoy some incredible thoughts for little gardens, with ideas for small patios, to enable you to augment your space.


The Best Way To Create Functional Space In The Backyard

If you live in a small dwelling, the backyard generally shrinks in proportion. Thus, here are some small backyard design tips which can be useful for you.

Utilise the empty space

There are plenty of places that homeowners forget about when designing the backyards. If you’re looking to plan a lot of outdoor entertaining, you should look for more finished spaces. One of the most popular is to consider an under deck patio that can be used for backyard parties.

Do not forget to implement pavement when it comes to backyard spaces. Without a pavement, the area may seem messy and can lead to different pests. Residential paving in Perth must be laid only through professionals who know which style is the best for your backyard design.

Create a flow of traffic

A flow is an important part of an interior space. Just like that, it also plays a vital role in the backyard. It gives an expanded look and appears less cluttered. Proper organisation of your space cuts down on clutter and maximises the space efficiently. Depending upon how you want to use your backyard, there are several ways to direct your flow of traffic. Consult with a paver to give you professional ideas on backyard.

Zoning is a major part of backyard space. One of the easiest ways to zone your backyard is to plan for a finished platform, like deck or patio, and even an open green space. This natural separation creates different areas in your backyard with various functions.

Update the deck stairs

Deck stairs play an important role in creating zones. They come in a wide range of designs depending on home patterns and styles. Traditional stairs for deck are usually used for basic designs. The stairs are made of wood and extend out from the face of the deck into the backyard. However, traditional stairs do have some drawbacks. The biggest problem comes with the large footfall.

If the backyard space is limited, plan for a spiral staircase. These types of stairs do not take much space and starts just under the deck. The inclined shape of a traditional stair often takes a lot of space which may become a problem in the zonal design.

Whatever design you choose for, a pavement is a crucial consideration that both gives aesthetic appeal and functionality.

The Best Paving Ideas To Increase Aesthetic Appeal In The Pool Area

Planning for constructing a swimming pool is a question of big investment. But the pool itself can be a noteworthy part of your backyard. It’s essential to ensure that the surrounding areas of the pool are also up to the mark. Because, once the arrangements are set up, it can be costlier to change the settings. So, here’s a useful checklist that can help you to consider and plan what kind of swimming pool outlines you require.

backyard space

The backyard space:

To make your swimming pool look nice and elegant, determine how much you can utilise your backyard space. Get ideas from a paving contractor in Perth. Share your ideas and budget and he/she can definitely come up with a suitable option for you. Plan a pool layout. Mark the area where you would like to have the swimming pool. Draw a fair idea about the pool and work on the design, shape and size.

Pool paving

Swimming pool ideas

Classic look: Classic styled swimming pool is typically made to bring a traditional and unique touch. When traditional is the choice, always go for brick pavers which are a great material based on your colour combination. Additionally, they are durable and cost-effictive than any other brick paving option. However, modern brick manufacturers are coming up with new designs and patterns that are also fit for modern swimming pool pavement.


Natural swimming pool: Swimming pool is the best place to add a touch of nature. Therefore, add some artificial waterfalls along with some walk-ins and natural fences. This can impact a great look to your backyard. When it comes to pavement, brick and stone both are the best choices. Try mix-matching both of them to give a perfect look of nature.


Contemporary look: This look is the best if you are looking for something modern. When opting for this look never stick to oval, round or rectangle pools. Build something abstract. Or even if you want to stick with the basic geometrical shapes, plan your ideas with the paving services to bring forth new and innovative ideas.

Important guidelines to be considered: Designing a pool area is not a bad idea, but you must not go beyond the guidelines. So, here are some important guidelines to consider before you start with the project.

  • Do you have kids at home? If yes, you need to plan the pavement area accordingly. Generally, brick pavement is the best option with kids around.
  • If you are building a voluminous pool, make sure that it is safe for diving. If you are including a diving platform or springboard above the pool area, make sure that its base is strong enough.
  • Give attention to the steps, sitting areas and lie down areas. Ensure that you have sitting arrangements with top tables near the pool or at the edge so that you can get your required items as soon as you want.

Constructing a pool according to your needs and design is not that easy. It is a smart choice to work with an experienced pool paver to achieve the perfection needed.

Landscaping Ideas For Spring

patio paving service

If you’re ready to turn your yard into a breathtaking work of landscape art, then spring is the best time to get started. Whether you’re stuck on deciding between an outdoor kitchen with a wood-fire pizza oven or a comfortable lounge for star gazing, here are a few spring landscape design ideas to help you fully realise your dream yard.

Maintenance and cleaning up
Before you start with your new landscape project, it’s a good idea to pick up any trash, sticks, leaves, and other yard debris that may have fallen during winter. If you have an irrigation system, this is a good time to check for damaged sprinkler heads and leaky pipes, as these are common problems after months of cold weather. Other maintenance items include servicing your lawn mower, inspecting outdoor spigots, and creating an inventory of garden tools that need to be replaced.

Once you finish your spring cleanup, it’s time to get your yard into shape.

Boosting the aesthetic appeal
Installing retaining walls and pavers can be a great spring project to boost your home’s curb appeal. You must look into the factors of paving as it is the welcoming path for your guests. When it comes to patio paving in Perth, consider to install brick pavers in advance so that they don’t get affected by the harsh weather, be it winter, monsoon or summer.

Bricks require little maintenance from season to season. They are versatile and weather resistant, and can be installed in virtually any landscape regardless of shape, plus they work well to reduce excessive foot traffic in your lawn.

Adding functionality with the outdoor living space
Not all landscapes are used to their full potential. Some yards serve as mere dumping grounds while others are a lonely, unfrequented part of the property. With an outdoor living area, you can reprogram your yard for a functional space that truly suits your lifestyle, so you always have a comfortable place to enjoy the sunshine on a warm spring day. Perhaps you can clear out that old yard debris pile for a pergola or even a gazebo to entertain guests and family, or maybe you can remove that hideous tree stump in the backyard and install an outdoor fire pit in its place. When it comes to outdoor living spaces the options are endless.

Like the green leaves of spring, landscaping in this season can really bring life to your space. Thus, don’t waste your time and take the initiative to bring the change.

How To Maintain The Brick Paver?


The entire look of your house can be improved by installing brick paver. Paving certain basic portions such as patio, poolside, driveway paths etc can bring an extra glow to your property. However, apart from installing the paver, it is equally important to take care of them at regular intervals. This is crucial because a broken, ill-maintained and dirty paving surface can never help to create an appealing look of your house. According to some reputed professionals providing efficient paving services in Perth, brick paver requires minimum maintenance and can provide a homeowner with lifelong service. Thus, it can be said that installing brick paver is a one-time cost-effective investment. Stated below are some of the easiest ways to keep your brick pavers well maintained –

1. Sweep them on a regular basis – It is important to sweep the entire paving surface at regular intervals in order to remove debris and prevent soil pileup. Just use a broom to sweep out the dirt from your paving surface.

2. Clean up the damp stains – Despite cleaning the entire portion on a regular basis, you can still find some stains on the paver. Thus, without worrying too much, just remove the greasy stains using some home remedies. For instance, use baking soda, corn starch or dry sand for removing the hard stains. Allow the dry cleaning product to be on the pavers for near about 30 minutes, and wash with water. The method is said to be an ideal one for removing fresh stains.

3. Pull out the weeds – It is quite common to find weeds growing around the paved area of your house. Whether it’s just a stray grass, or a stubborn dandelion, make sure to pull the weeds whenever you find them. This is important because, weeds can damage the paver.

4. Use power washer – Power washing technique is also recommended by the professionals to keep the paved surface well maintained. This method doesn’t cause any harm to the brick material and can be used for deep cleaning purpose.

5. Use household cleaning materials – If you don’t have enough time for preparing DIY cleaning product separately, then you can even use the same detergent that you use for cleaning your dishes. Simply mist the dish wash detergent with a bucketful of water, and apply on the surface. Scrub the area and rinse accordingly. This is said to be as one of the easiest brick paving cleaning procedures.

Thus, if you want to maintain a long lasting look of your paving area, then maintaining the place by following all the aforementioned tips is a must.

Tips For Effective Landscape Designing


In Perth, designing an outdoor space and creating a landscape that your neighbours love to feast their eyes own, necessitates patience & planning. You must take care of steps necessary for transforming the area into a beautiful arena where you would love to spend time with family or friends. Here are some effective landscape designing tips that can guide you:

Start With The Facade
No place is better than your own front yard to begin with the landscape transformation project. Since it is the very first area you eyes see upon entering the property, it must have a wow factor that incorporates functionality as well as curb appeal.

Prior to embellishing your yard with exquisite plants, it is important that you complete any hardscaping task that is necessary. It can be patio paving, fencing, decking, driveway construction, porch, sidewalk or establishment of a parking space.

During this phase (which would arrive right after hardscaping), you will need to fix the soil in your yard through addition of organic matter. There are plenty of things that you can use – leaf mould, peat moss, shredded pine bark, mushroom compost, and so on.

Backyard/Outdoor Living Space
You must transform the backyard area of your house into an outdoor entertainment space. Use large shrubs or fencing near the perimeter for creating walls, if you seek privacy. You may even include decking, which would serve as a great dining-cum-sitting space.

Fire Pit
Including a fire pit or fireplace in your outdoor living area can allow you to cook outside rather than using the indoor kitchen. Besides that, it will also provide warmth against chilly air during winter.

Side Yard
A side yard can serve as a wonderful place for tucking in firewood, garbage cans or even a garden shed. In case you have a pet pooch, the side yard can be a great dog run.

Before you set up any plant in your front or back yard, have a careful look at the landscape. Determine the rising and setting points of the sun. You can get suitable advice from a garden centre about different plants and gather information pertinent to their needs.

Finishing Touches
For augmenting your completed landscape with some finishing touch, you can use window boxes, hanging baskets and containers. However, avoid combining way too many shades to prevent a chaotic look.

Landscape designing is not an easy task, but with patience and effort, you can have something that would pique the curiosity of your guests.