Benefits Of Investing In Pre Purchase House Inspection

pre purchase building and pest inspection

Purchasing a house is quite a big deal in every person’s life. It involves the spending of your lifetime’s savings. So, it’s quite necessary to be double sure about the quality of the property before investing a lump sum amount. As, no buyer deserves to be a prey in the hands of a clever seller, pre purchase building and pest inspection in Coolum provides a buyer with a genuine insight of the property that he or she intends to buy. It’s quite like a certificate assuring the quality of the property, which certainly provides the buyer mental peace and keeps him out of any future worries.

Pre purchase inspection can provide you with information such as:

The current structural condition of the building: The genuine structural condition of any building may escape a common person’s eye. But it is always detectable for a professionally trained individual who is well equipped with modern tools.

The real value of the property: Sometimes it so happens that a property looks completely outstanding from every aspect. But it may harbour some problems that have compromised the property from within. It may be the presence of pests, invisible cracks, electrical wiring problem, etc.

The presence of pests: An existing pest in the property if went unidentified can cause serious issues in the future. Pest control measures in the future can cost the buyer a huge sum of money. That will surely let the buyer incur a huge amount of loss rather than gaining profit from his property. But, if detected before purchase, it may help the buyer to negotiate the property price with the seller.

Detail about every part of the property: The pre purchase inspection comes with a detailed information about every single part of the property – interior and exterior part, fencing, drainage, garden, garage, etc.

All required information boost up a buyer’s confidence. The availability of all these data helps a buyer purchase a property without any confusion. And thus, the buyer can invest a huge portion of his savings confidently to purchase his dream house. But if the house is bought without the prior consent of professionally qualified personnel, then the same investment can become a reason of headache in the future. The conditions can sometime be so bad that the property owner is left with no other choice except reselling it at a lower price. Thus, a well planned and guided investment will always give you the best output.


Various Rodent Control Methods

Rodent Control

Rodents are annoying creatures that prefer living in residential properties. They love to hide in small holes which they make inside rooms and near fenced areas. If they are not controlled properly, they can give you a real hard time in compensating for the damage that they inflict. Rodents have a life span of one year, and the females give birth in four to seven phases, with each one consisting of a dozen offsprings.

Rodent control is very much needed in Melbourne as well as other cities in Australia to prevent mortal diseases and infections. Rodents like rats and mice love to feed on stored foods from your kitchen which can easily be contaminated. They love to be in areas where they can find a steady supply of food.

So how will you stop these filthy critters from bothering you?
  • You must cover your food properly and dispose the leftovers in a covered bin. Do not dump them in the backyard or compost, as these sites would then become attractive zones for the rodents. You must bear in mind that even the leftover foods of pets like bird seeds can attract rats. So any spilled food must be cleared away to make the place unsuitable for the critters.

  • Rats love hollow spaces, so seal or cover up any hole in and around your home. If it is not possible for you to seal some holes, you can cover them with screens to stop letting gnawers in. Rats and mice love chewing on literally anything and everything sharpen their teeth. So, remove any scrap wood and dirt from your premises.

  • The best way to keep rodents out is to organise your home & surroundings and keep them clean at all times. A messy area, or things piled upon each other can become a site for rodent activities.

  • When you are on the cleaning drive against rodents, make sure that you remove any stagnant water from your surroundings. Regularly sweep your sidewalk to remove any standing water.

  • The unwanted critters can be detected using specialised gadgets. These gadgets are easily available with pest control experts. Consider calling them to find and track the munching nuisances so that you can completely chase the latter out of your home. These professionals never use any poison that might get the rats killed and emit foul smell.

  • Due to the rapid reproduction among rodents, it is important to seek professional help to curb away infestation.

Remember, going according to these points will not only save you and your family from mortal diseases, but also protect your home & belongings from damage.

5 Easiest Ways To Get Rid Of Roaches

Cockroach Pest Control

It often gets difficult for homeowners to shoo away roaches from their house once the critters have started to invade the property. Though roaches are small in nature, they can cause deadly diseases to human beings. Apart from this, they can also inflict damage to books, electronic gadgets, furniture items, etc. Cockroach bites are even believed to trigger several skin allergies and rashes. Thus getting rid of them effectively is very important for every household. Here are some of the easiest remedies to get rid of cockroach infestations, have a look –

1. Clean your house both internally and externally

Clean your house
People often focus on cleaning their house internally in order to prevent pest infestation. However, it is important to the exterior area as well, so as to eliminate the existence of favourable conditions for roaches. An ill-maintained exterior space will send an open invitation to them for entering a house and spreading a full-blown infestation. Thus, never ignore to clean your entire property with quality cleaning products on a regular basis.

2. Cover the foods

Cover the foods(1) 
Always make sure to cover all your food items. Use tightly sealed containers in order to keep all your foods secured. Even a small drop of spilled food item can invite the cockroaches to enter your kitchen area.

3. Clean the garbage

Unclean trash boxes are a common cause of cockroach infestation in one’s house. Thus, experts always suggests to take out garbage from the trash boxes and clean them on a regular basis.

4. Use pesticides

There are lot of local pesticide products available in the market of Melbourne that can be used to get rid of these little critters. However, make sure neither you nor any of your family member is allergic to the pesticide you would be using. You can do a patch test before proceeding to work with the product. There are certain varieties of eco friendly products that are least harmful to humans. So you can even make use of them to eliminate the roaches.

5. Call the pest control professionals

call now
Though there are numerous ways to get rid of cockroach infestation, the best solution is to hire a professional pest control company. None but only a professional pest controller knows the exact procedure of making a house free from pest infestation. So never hesitate to hire a reputed company who can provide you with an efficient outcome.

Get ready to free your home from harmful cockroach infestation by following each and every aforementioned tip.

Get Rid Of Spiders And Stay Away From Their Venomous Bites

spider control

One of the top fearsome pests of Australia is the fear of spiders. Though arachnids are a natural form of pest control that traps other insects, this does not mean that they have an open invitation to your living room. A spider infestation can lead to contamination of foods and even health risks in severe cases. Taking action against them with the help of a pest professional in North Shore is the best way to prevent such risks. Stated below are the two best methods of fighting against spiders:

1) Before proceeding with any measure it is important that you do a quick inspection of the premises to zero down on the affected areas of a spider. While doing the inspection, it is better that you wear proper clothing that covers all parts of your body. Wear a long glove and a face mask, if possible. Remember, spiders are found in places where things have not been not disturbed over a long period of time. Thus, look after the sanitation. Trim tall grasses around your home. Discard all unwanted and waste material to avoid clutter in your room.

The removal process must be with a vacuum cleaner which sucks all spiders, webs and egg sacks. Make sure you remove the vacuum bag as soon as you complete the removal process. Empty it properly into a relatively thick plastic bag. Seal the plastic bag and dispose it off in the garbage.

Prevention is also an important part. So you need to block all cracks and holes with caulk or fine wire mesh. Install tight-fitting screens on all vents. This may not be fully accomplished without a professional. Moreover, if you fear doing this process all by yourself, you can take the help of expert pest control services.

2) Have you ever been to a tobacco shop and seen a big and thick packet of pipe tobacco? You must be wondering why anyone would need that much of tobacco. Well, it turns out that pipe tobacco is an effective way to control spiders.

At the very first step, you need to boil the tobacco. Now, wait for the water to cool down. Strain the tobacco out of the water and keep the pungent mixture in a clean container. Take one cup of tobacco water and add some lemon dish soap in it. Mix well. Next, pour this mixture into a garden sprayer and apply it everywhere in your house. Do not forget to spray it outside as well.

Tips To Get Rid Of Roaches Permanently & Naturally

cockroach control

Roaches are one of those pests that not only spread harmful diseases, but also trigger allergic reactions in humans, specially allergic people, elders and children. It is, therefore, crucial to take measurable steps against cockroach infestation. However, experts generally recommend not to use harmful chemicals or pesticides to shoo away these little critters, as they can hamper the health of your family members. Fortunately, there are numerous natural remedies that can be used to get rid of a cockroach infestation in your house. Stated below are some of them, have a quick look –

Borax and Sugar
Cockroaches are generally attracted to organic substances. Thus, borax and sugar can easily be used to kill roaches naturally.

Procedure –

  • Take equal quantities of sugar and borax, then mix and prepare a mixture to feed the pests.
  • Place the mixture near the infested area or other places where the critters are often sighted.
  • After a couple of hours, you will notice dead roaches around the area where you have placed the mixture.

Always keep in mind that borax is a toxic chemical and it is important to be very careful while using this product. Keep it away from children and pets.

2. Bay Leaves
Bay leaves are another useful natural remedy that can help you to bid adieu to the harmful cockroaches present in your house.

Procedure –

  • Dry the leaves and make them into a powder with the help of grinder.
  • Sprinkle the powder near the infested areas.
  • The roaches will soon leave from your house.

3. Ammonia
Water and ammonia can be used for preventing cockroach infestation in your house.

Procedure –

  • Take a bucketful of water and add ammonia to it.
  • Wash the rough surface of your bathroom, kitchen and other areas (if possible) with this solution.
  • Roaches will vacate your house as soon as they will find that ammonia has been applied.

Other than adopting all the aforementioned natural cockroach prevention remedies, it is equally important to take care of certain factors. For instance, keeping your place neat and ensuring proper hygiene is important. Uncovered food left on the table can invite roaches to your house. So don’t leave any food uncovered anywhere. If required, have your property inspected once in every 3 months by appointing a reputed residential pest control service provider in North Shore. Doing so can help to keep not only roaches, but all kinds of pest away from your home.

How To Get Rid Of Roaches Naturally?

Cockroaches, though small in shape and size, can cause serious trouble to homeowners. Fortunately, there are numerous natural ways to bid good bye to these dirty and unhealthy pests.