How To Maintain Solar Water Heaters?

Solar Hot Water Installation Service NSW

Solar water heaters are essentially appliances that utilise the power of the sun to heat up water in homes. Since there is no need for using electricity in the process, these appliances help to make huge savings on energy bills. But just like everything else, solar water heaters also need regular maintenance in order to stay functional.

If you have a solar water heater at your home, here are some effective tips that you can follow to keep it up and running:

Inspect For Leaks
Whenever you are near the solar powered heater, make sure you perform a quick and thorough inspection to see if there are any leaks, since these are one of the most common problems occuring with solar heaters. Leaks can, at times, also indicate issues of other nature. In case a leak is found, make sure you call a repair specialist immediately.

Prevent The System From Freezing
If you live in an area where it usually gets really cold during the winter season, you must take care of certain things in order to prevent water within the heater from freezing up. Even if the piping has good insulation, it can provide little protection from temperatures below freezing point. Therefore, use an antifreeze agent instead of the heat transfer fluid that you are currently using.

Flush Your Heater
Any kind of water heater, be it solar powered or electrical, has to be flushed on a regular basis. There are two types of flushes – full & short, and you must choose from among them as per your requirements. Short flushes need to be done frequently, and you will have to connect the water to a hose for emptying it, and then again refill it. In case of full flush, the same process has to be implemented, but it should be also augmented with a thorough cleanup of the heater.

Get Inspections Done
It is very important that you have your solar water heater inspected at least once in every year. There are a number of good companies that provide solar hot water maintenance service in NSW. Get in touch with a reliable expert and have them come over to perform a meticulous inspection of your water heater.

So basically, that is all you need to do for keeping your solar water heater in tip top condition for several years. Not only would that help you to avoid comprehensive and expensive repairs, but also allow you to enjoy fresh hot water absolutely free of cost.