Infrared Technology To Deal With Termites


The latest innovation in circulation to kill nasty wood-hungry termites is the infrared technology. The technology is based on the principle of heat detection in restricted spaces. With the help of it, a user can easily pinpoint the exact location of termite colonies. After the identification, it is easy for the operator to completely omit those termites at a single stroke.

Although finding termites is a difficult task, pest exterminator in Northern Beaches use this unique method to mark the location and distribution of the so-called ‘white ants’. Traditional methods involved tapping the affected wood with back of a screwdriver or at times even pulling the whole wall apart. That is why, the science of entomology introduced a sophisticated technology of termite detection system. This process is not only effective but also harmless to the structure.

This technology is increasingly making its place in the pest control industry. It includes a characterised camera that is inserted into the wall and handled by a remote. As termites are highly social and cannot survive alone, they are easy to detect if reached straight into their homes. The presence of termites changes the heat signature in the structure or the wall. These changes are detectable by a thermal imaging camera in the form of heat patterns. These heat patterns are actually the location of the termites. Hot regions are displayed as yellow or red, while cold regions are displayed by purple and blue colours. One can see these colours in the optical display device.

To make it more clear, termites are cold blooded creatures and have the same temperature as their environment. So a question arises, how do they generate heat? It is possible because termites have bacteria in their guts which helps them to digest the cellulose which they consume from the wood. During the digestion, chemical reaction takes place and this produces heat. When heat permeates through a stud wall, it is slowed down at the point where the timber frame inside the wall touches the wall lining. This allows to see an impression of the frame inside. The irregularities that are seen is the mud lining of the termites, and a missing section may be an indicator of termite damage.

You can be sure enough of a customer satisfaction with the company who deals with pests using such a modern technology made to serve consumers.