Tips To Throw A Kitty Party

kitty party

Parties are always fun filled and interactive activities that most people love to enjoy. Kitty party is somehow different from all other parties as this party is only organised for women. No men are invited or allowed in the party. Thus whether you are a homemaker or a working lady, getting a break from the daily hustle and bustle of life is definitely mandatory. Thus, invite your lady gang and get ready to spend some relaxing and fun time with your besties. However, in order to organise a kitty party at your home, there are certain important considerations that you must follow in order to experience a fruitful party experience.

Make a budget 
In order to arrange a hassle free party at your house, it is important to prepare an estimated budget in advance. Follow the budget and proceed with the party preparation activities. If necessary, cut down your budget and make it a simple one. Remember, the party must be enjoyable and entertaining. Thus, instead of focusing too much on the show offs, just concentrate on how to make the event a memorable one.

Invite your friends 
If you want the party to be a simple one, then it is suggested to invite only selected friends of yours. You can spend your time with your school friends, cousins or college mates. Thus prefer to invite them in the party. Call them up at least a couple of weeks before and know if they are free or not. If not, then decide a final date by consulting with each one of them individually.

Decorate the place
After deciding a final date for the party, start to decorate your room. Kitty parties are usually held in the dining or living area of a house. The decorations must be simple. Use colourful balloons, ribbons and glitters to spruce up the ambience of the event. If you are too busy with other arrangements and don’t have enough time for shopping all these decorating essentials, then simply hire a lifestyle manager who can get all the stuff for you from the market.

Order foods 
Depending on the theme of party, decide the food items. If you want to include only evening snacks for your guests, then order some cupcakes, beverages, pizzas, burgers, etc. from a reputed confectionery shop. On the other hand, if you want to have dinner with your friends, then order main courses from a local as well as reputed restaurant. Make sure to include both veg and non-veg items in the menu.

Follow all the aforementioned tips and get ready to throw a memorable kitty party.

Paving Installation Errors That You Must Steer Clear Of

paving installation errorsPaving that has been installed in an improper way can be really expensive to re-install. Besides that, it also imparts a somewhat ugly appearance to the entire landscape of the property. Furthermore, with passage of time, symptoms like cracking, popping, staining, discolouration and drumminess may start to surface. Fortunately, the mistakes which result in incorrect installation of pavers can be categorised, so that one can avoid them.

Let’s take a look at the paving installation errors that you ought to steer clear of at all costs by hiring a reliable & efficient paving contractor in Perth:

Plan Long Term
A typical paving looks stunning during the initial few weeks or months after its installation. But it is a properly laid out one that stands the tests of time and performs brilliantly for a decade or more. This is because any paving always gets exposed to warping, expansion and contraction from fluctuations in ground movement, moisture and temperature. Without careful planning for the long term, the pavers can get dislocated and fall apart.

Mortar Additives Used Incorrectly
There is no doubt about the fact that mortar additives enhance workability, adhesion and elasticity of pavers. They help the slabs to stay bonded to the foundation for a long period of time. However, utilising regular mortar mixes containing only cement & sand is not enough for applications involving engineered stones.

Avoiding Acid Washing
Acid washing is the application of a mild acid formula for dissolving deposits of stains such as mortar occurring on a paving during construction. Without acid washing, dried cement pockmarks & dusty grey/white coating would remain on the pavement and impart a really unsightly appearance to the surface.

Inaccurate Mortar Ratios
At times, due to pressure of meeting a deadline, paving professionals hastily try to complete a project on time. This can cause certain elements of the installation process to be conducted with less meticulousness, and result in mistakes like incorrect ratios of mortar. Such an error can be extremely difficult to rectify.

On-Site Storage of Pavers
The general rule is to have the pavers delivered to the project site a while before the installation. However, some contractors tend to ensure delivery of the pavers way in advance prior to their installation, which can result in quick discolouring of the materials.

So, the only way to avoid these mistakes is by appointing an experienced and putative service provider to get the job done.