Types of Stains On a Brick Pavement

A driveway or pavement with brick blocks is prone to a variety of stains and spillages Here is a guide on how to treat the affected area.


Tips To Enhance The Look Of Your Swimming Pool Area

pool paving

There are numerous ways by which your swimming pool area can be enhanced. Start by placing outdoor furniture in the area, or add certain beautiful water features like waterfalls and fountains. Doing these things will make your pool area look a lot more refreshing and attractive. To get more ideas on how to enhance your swimming pool area, have a quick look at the following –

Clean the place on a regular basis

clean the area
Only desiring for a well maintained pool side area won’t help to get anything done. You need to clean the place on a regular basis. Collect the debris and garbages from the place, fill them in trash bags and dispose far away from the property. Nobody will want to dive into a pool with leaves and dirt floating around. Hence, make sure to clean your pool side area on a regular basis.

Install creative lighting

pool area lighting
Add a character to the pool side area by installing creative lighting system. Numerous changing lighting systems are available in the market that can be used to increase the aesthetic appearance of the pool area. Pool having different changing lights can give a beautiful visual appearance at night. If you want to have a bath during the night time in the pool, then you can easily do so when proper lights are installed for adequate illumination.

Greenery and landscape

pool area
As a swimming pool is a part of the outdoor features of a house, it is always suggested to add some greenery around the place. Use some trimmed & green plants and place them around the swimming pool area. You can even establish a better outdoor ambience by having a quality landscaping done.

Pool paving 

pool paving(1)
In order to increase safety of the pool side area, it is always recommended to pave the area with a slip-resistant material. Therefore, opt for brick paver instead of stone ones. This is important because brick pavers can reduce provide more security than stone paver. Brick are long lasting and slip resistant which ensures a secured area. Thus contact with an expert providing pool paving service in Perth.

Outdoor furniture 

outdoor furniture
As stated earlier, outdoor furniture is an essential part of rejuvenating the pool side area of a house. Whether you want to arrange a pool party, or just wish to spend some quality time at the pool side area with a cup of hot coffee, having a comfortable chair in the place is definitely mandatory.

Gear up and get ready to improve the attractiveness of your pool side area now.

How To Increase Your Property Value By Renovating The Home Exterior

Driveway Paver Perth
Driveway Paving

Home renovation is one of the best ways to increase the value of a property. Both interior and exterior home remodeling can boost your property value to a certain extent. However, it has been seen that most of the homeowners tend to focus more on renovating the interiors and often ignore the exterior portions entirely. According to many a home building expert in Perth, it is equally important to look after the exterior of any residence and remodel it accordingly. There are certain tricks which can help to enhance the overall appearance of a property –

The front door

the font door
The front door is the first thing that gets noticed by guests. Hence, it is always suggested to maintain the focal point of your house with care. A worn or damaged entrance can automatically ruin the whole appearance, resulting in your property having a negative impression on your visitors, which can further bring down the property value to some extent. Thus, always take care of the primary entrance of your house and make sure it is maintained properly. If required, repair and renovate it by consulting with a reputed contractor. Use bright shades and plant some shrubs beside the door to create an attractive and colourful appeal.

Ensure a neat driveway path 

driveway paver
Adding a driveway path to your property can provide you with numerous benefits, one of them being increased resale value of your property in the real estate market. But you need to make sure that the driveway path is well maintained. Appoint a professional driveway paver in Perth and have the area paved with a quality as well as durable paving material. Create an appealing look by planting lots of floral shrubs and bushes. Don’t forget to trim those greeneries on time.

Install outdoor lights

outdoor light
Installing outdoor lights will not only help to increase the value of your property, but also ensure full safety and security of it. There are numerous affordable low voltage lighting options available in the market. Select any of them according to your preference. You can even install a solar panel in order to make your home an energy efficient one.

Build a garden

Whether your home covers a large area or a small one, building a garden can really turn the house into a beautiful one. Colorful shades and green plants can enhance the overall appeal and also provide a scenic view of your property.

Thus, follow all the aforementioned tips and increase the property value of your house easily.

Investing In Paver Patios? Know These Things Before You Do


If you are planning to have a patio area created in your property with pavers, there are certain things that you need to know of before finalising the project. In addition to that, you must also find a good contractor who offers patio paving in Perth. Saying that, here are the things that you must be aware of:

Affordable & Low Maintenance
Nothing can beat pavers when it comes to low maintenance and ease of installation. Even though the installation costs would be higher compared to other options, the investment will help to save more in future, because it does not necessitate re-sealing or re-staining. In addition to that, any damaged paver can be repaired easily.

Drainage Planning
Before pavers are laid out for creating a patio area, it is important to plan the structure in such a way that it slopes away from the foundation of the house towards a pre-existing drainage space. There has to be a drop of about a quarter inch in elevation after every 2 feet.

Tight Edges
For keeping the consequences of paver movement to a minimum, it is generally advised to plan a solid edge with additional pavers, vinyl or metal edging, or a cement lip. Not only would it provide stability, but also impede the growth of weeds.

Suitable Colour Variations
Pavers will always have slight colour variations, in the same way as tiles or wood flooring do. For creating a natural aesthetic appeal, it can be great to combine varying pavers. Doing so can also help in avoiding a patchwork look.

Ideal Placement
In order to create patterns using pavers, the brick pavers will need to be cut at one point of time or another. This can be done either with the help of cold chisel, or by using a wet saw, which may be rented from any local home centre.

Packing Cracks
Pavers can be set in place at any time with application of sand in a thin layer between and over the bricks for filling up the cracks. Doing so would do more than just setting them in place – prevention of weed growth and proper drainage.

The Deeper, The Better
While work is being carried for construction of a patio area with pavers, the area must be dug deeper under the vegetation cover, at least six inches. The deeper the ground is dug, the better the foundation of the patio area will be.

The most vital factor among all of these would be finding good tradespeople, so make sure you do so diligently as well.