How Can Sealers Help To Increase The Durability Of Your Brick Pavers?

How can sealers be helpful in brick paving

It is obvious that brick pavers are tough and sturdy, but as they are laid outside, the pavement automatically becomes prone to wear and tear due to various climatic conditions and heavy footfall. Some of the smart house owners may say that sealing is not required for a brick pavement. Yes, it’s true but do you know about the benefits of sealing?

What are the benefits?

Sealing is one of the best ways to extend the life of brick paving. Whether it’s a residential or a commercial driveway paver, investing in something that makes the pavement durable is a wise choice. Well, durability is not the only cause for which you must opt for sealing the pavement, but there are other advantages too.

Cleaning becomes easier

Due to exposure to weather and heavy footfall, the characteristics of individual brick pavers make them susceptible to damage and stains. Thus, using a sealer, you can prevent the stains and other substances from leaving a permanent mark on the surface. With the sealant, the surface does not stay rough and thus, cleaning becomes easier.

Prevents getting damaged from sun

Whether it’s a driveway or a walkway, the pavement is constantly exposed to direct sunlight. It has been seen after several years of usage, pavers become dull and faded. This occurs due to the harmful UV rays and intense heat. Therefore, if you consider to lay a protective layer of sealant on top of the pavement, it acts as a barrier and prevents damaging. Even if you want to design, sealing helps a lot in maintaining the aesthetic appeal.

Strengthening the base

Sealers are a great way to establish longevity for your pavers. This is because the layer of sealant helps to keep the sand in place which keeps the pavement more stable even under intense pressure. The functionality of the sand is to distribute the force and keep each of the pavers in place. This becomes easier with a layer of sealant.

How to install such a pavement?

Well, if you’re really interested in installing a brick pavement with a protective sealant, you should get in touch with a professional brick paver to construct the pavement properly and also to keep it lasting for years.

Whether you want to install or repair, hiring the professionals is always a good idea to avoid accidental damage which may further lead to a larger investment.


Safe Swimming Pool Decks With Brick Pavers

pool paving

As the spring season has already arrived, people would start to enjoy the golden sunshine on their customised swimming pool decks built within their residential perimeter. If you have a swimming pool, it is likely that your family and friends will be taking a dip several times a week, if not daily. Thus, you need to ensure that the pavers around your swimming pool are safe, fun and beautiful.

Dried clay pavings are an excellent solution for your pool deck and their rustic beauty add to the overall aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. Brick paving is an ideal solution for the area around your pool, because if you need to access plumbing or electric lines below ground, you can remove only the pavers that are above that specific area instead of tearing up your entire pool deck.

Here are some reasons why a brick paver  pool deck might be the right choice for you:

Brick pool pavers are durable
Brick pavers are extremely durable. They can hold up changes in temperature, inclement weather and constant use. Still to this day there are some brick pavements in Perth that have been standing right from the last half century. That’s durability!

Paving bricks are safe for your pool deck
Concrete, stones and tiles can be slippery. When your children are running to jump into the swimming pool, they must be given a platform which is safe, so as to avoid accidents. Pool paving made up of clay bricks have textures that prevent them from becoming slippery when wet. This is extremely important for families with young children.

Bricks are gorgeous
If you’re looking for attractive pool deck ideas, pavers have a rustic beauty that is both classic and elegant. They can enhance all of your outdoor spaces and give your pool area a more distinctive, refined feel. You can even extend the pool deck and create a paver patio for lounging, ending in an outdoor kitchen.

Replenish your paver with sand filler
In between each paver, there is a special sand filler. This type of sand holds the pavers in place while giving them the flexibility to expand and retract with extreme temperatures. The sand filler may need to be replenished from time to time, so keep inspecting your pavers to identify any area where it might be low.

Pool decks with brick pavement are a great idea to add elegance to your pool and patio area. Hire a professional paver in Perth for top class service.

Tips To Enhance The Look Of Your Swimming Pool Area

pool paving

There are numerous ways by which your swimming pool area can be enhanced. Start by placing outdoor furniture in the area, or add certain beautiful water features like waterfalls and fountains. Doing these things will make your pool area look a lot more refreshing and attractive. To get more ideas on how to enhance your swimming pool area, have a quick look at the following –

Clean the place on a regular basis

clean the area
Only desiring for a well maintained pool side area won’t help to get anything done. You need to clean the place on a regular basis. Collect the debris and garbages from the place, fill them in trash bags and dispose far away from the property. Nobody will want to dive into a pool with leaves and dirt floating around. Hence, make sure to clean your pool side area on a regular basis.

Install creative lighting

pool area lighting
Add a character to the pool side area by installing creative lighting system. Numerous changing lighting systems are available in the market that can be used to increase the aesthetic appearance of the pool area. Pool having different changing lights can give a beautiful visual appearance at night. If you want to have a bath during the night time in the pool, then you can easily do so when proper lights are installed for adequate illumination.

Greenery and landscape

pool area
As a swimming pool is a part of the outdoor features of a house, it is always suggested to add some greenery around the place. Use some trimmed & green plants and place them around the swimming pool area. You can even establish a better outdoor ambience by having a quality landscaping done.

Pool paving 

pool paving(1)
In order to increase safety of the pool side area, it is always recommended to pave the area with a slip-resistant material. Therefore, opt for brick paver instead of stone ones. This is important because brick pavers can reduce provide more security than stone paver. Brick are long lasting and slip resistant which ensures a secured area. Thus contact with an expert providing pool paving service in Perth.

Outdoor furniture 

outdoor furniture
As stated earlier, outdoor furniture is an essential part of rejuvenating the pool side area of a house. Whether you want to arrange a pool party, or just wish to spend some quality time at the pool side area with a cup of hot coffee, having a comfortable chair in the place is definitely mandatory.

Gear up and get ready to improve the attractiveness of your pool side area now.