How should you get your upholstery cleaned?

Like many other households, you frequently use your upholstery but take care of it rarely. Do you remember when you have cleaned upholstered furniture for the last time?

Surprisingly, most of the homeowners never have the answer to this question. Couches, sofas, chairs and any other upholstered furniture can easily absorb dust, oils, spillages, allergens, stains, fur, and many other impurities on a daily basis. So proper cleaning is highly essential for your upholstered furniture.

Daily cleaning can always extend the life of this furniture and keep them clean. In this blog, we are going to discuss two important ways to clean your upholstery.

Surface cleaning

Like your carpet, upholstered furniture must be vacuumed regularly. Basically, regular vacuuming can keep your upholstery dust free.

Domestic vacuum cleaners can easily remove surface dust, allergens, and all other impurities. Generally, surface cleaning can be done by homeowners though this cleaning procedure is not ideal for removing heavy stains or dirt from the furniture.

According to cleaning experts, surface cleaning is the initial step before using professional cleaning techniques on upholstered furniture.

Deep cleaning

There are some major factors to consider when you are cleaning your upholstered furniture. For example, if your furniture is used frequently by your pets and children, then more dirt, stains, and impurities are absorbed in it. Generally, pet stains can’t be removed by using a surface cleaning technique. So deep-cleaning techniques are highly essential to remove heavy stains and impurities. Basically, professional cleaning technique must be done in every one or two years; unless you can surely notice a musty smell.

Deep cleaning can be performed by upholstery cleaning professionals. They use some advanced techniques to keep your upholstered furniture properly clean.

However, spot cleaning or routine vacuuming is good, but it is not ideal for major damages. To save your upholstery from major damages, deep cleaning technique is very much needed. Generally, upholstery cleaning professionals use different cleaning methods and cleaning products to remove all kinds of unwanted stains and impurities from your furniture.

The vacuum cleaner they use has an advanced soaking power. It helps to take out each and every dust particle from upholstered material. In Fort St John there are many companies who offer carpet and upholstered furniture cleaning services at an economical rate. If you want to clean your upholstery professionally then you should contact them as soon as possible.

Is carpet cleaning using steam a good choice?

Carpet Cleaning

Wondering why you should opt for dry foam encapsulation carpet cleaning system? Well, one of the reasons is because it is safe for your carpet irrespective of the type. There might be several dry carpet cleaning service providers in Fort St John out there, but some cleaners provide you the best. What sets the cleaners apart from the rest is the process application. We offer you Dry Foam Encapsulation to avoid the effects of steam cleaning. Almost all carpet cleaning companies in Fort St John depend on steam cleaning for good carpet cleaning work. However, they simply choose to ignore or are unaware of the effects of steam cleaning. Here are some cleaning tips that you need to know shared by our experts.

  • Coffee- blot the coffee stain as much as possible using clot. Apply some cold water and blot once again. You can use a stain remover or vinegar.
  • Red wine- soak the cloth in cold water and rinse. Apply water and baking soda mix on the stain and leave for 10 minutes before vacuuming the area.

Why not steam cleaning?

Most carpet cleaners in Fort St John take on to cleaning residential and commercial using similar ways such as using steam. But what is really bothering is the fact that you don’t get desired results. For instance, the carpets are finished wet and take several days to dry. Due to the soaked sub-floors, there increases the chance of mold and bacteria to develop. That’ not all, due to the use of sticky chemicals, you need to wash the carpets once again. In simple words, it is not a good option to choose steam cleaning since it hampers your peace of mind.

Dry Solution steps in

Want to hire a good carpet cleaning company, but don’t want the unpleasant effects of steam cleaning? Well, Dry Solutions offer you exactly what you need. We specialize in Dry Foam Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning System. By using our system, you would get clean carpets that get dry within minutes. So, there won’t be hassles of any unpleasant smell. We use a water-based Dry Encapsulating Foam that is applied to carpet fibers. Since there are no questions of leaving residues, the carpets stay clean longer.

In nutshell, make sure the carpet cleaning company in Fort St John is a professional one and take good care of your residential and commercial carpet cleaning needs.

How Can A Professional Carpet Cleaner Assist You?

Carpet Cleaner

A clean carpet offers multiple benefits, do you know what are the benefits they come up with? A clean carpet creates a healthy environment for you and your family. Here is the breakdown of some of the specific ways by which you can improve your home aesthetic appeal through thorough cleaning of your carpet.

Save Money

Carpet is a significant investment for your home, so you should take good care of your carpet. If your carpet goes without cleaning for a long time, then there is a chance that your carpet fibres may get frayed and matted, and if it happens then you will have to replace the carpet sooner. However, if you hire carpet cleaning specialists and clean your carpet once or twice a year, then you will get more life out of your carpet.

Restore Carpet Texture

Every carpet collect stains or gets discoloured with time. Periodic cleaning of your carpet helps to get out of the stain, it also re-energizes the whole atmosphere of the room. Hire professional carpet cleaners, they will clean and restore your carpet to its pristine form. You may have forgotten how beautiful your carpet was under those you were living with.

Remove Airborne Allergens

Every time you walk on the carpet where the allergens are trapped in, the fibres get unsettled and those allergens got released in the air. Dust and polluted particles combined with bug allergens, pet dander get trapped under the carpet which normal vacuuming cannot remove, thus take help from the experts, the experts have the desired skills, knowledge and the experience and the right tools to clean and restore your carpet.

Eliminate Set-In Dust Mites

Dust at your home is generally made up of the dead skin cells that you shed after every three days. And these dead skin cells provide food for bacteria and dust mites. Your carpet may look clean and fresh, but there is a whole host of organisms living within your carpet that leave behind feces and fragments and you are inhaling those toxic fragments every day. Deep cleaning with hot water extraction can kill these mites and removes the refuse.

Prevent Mould

By keeping your carpet clean and dry, you are preventing any mould build up that can occur. If you keep your dirty carpet under humid weather, then this can lead to mould growth. Hire modern cleaners, they will eliminate any mould build up or mildew and will clean and restore your carpet in no time.

These are all the benefits that you can have getting your carpet cleaned. In Fort St John you can find several carpet cleaners, hire the one that suits your needs.

Different Methods Used In Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Cleanliness and aesthetic values play a great role in uplifting the image of a commercial space. A positive impression in the mind of customers and employees will lead to the betterment of a specific business and carpets do all the work effectively.

As carpets can uplift the image and impression of a particular space, they can also tarnish the goodwill in a more catalytic way. A dirty, yellowish, or a stained carpet can add just the right amount of abhorrence in the mind of the people walking over them.

In order to protect the carpet from damage and prevent the aesthetic values from getting diminished, commercial carpet cleaning is necessary.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Coffee spills, asphalt yellowing, food stains, cooking oils, grease, and tracked-in dirt can significantly diminish a carpet’s appearance and therefore some cleaning methods should be adopted to keep things as fine as possible. Some of those methods are:

  • Dry soil removal – The majority of soil in carpet is dry and should be removed with a quality vacuum cleaner. Areas of high footfall should be dealt with maximum attention because those are the places with a higher probability of dried soil retention.
  • Methodical cleaning – Some cleaning methods are required to eliminate dust particles, greasy and oily soils which are retained by carpets. Regular but methodical cleaning is necessary to eliminate this dirt from the carpets. Some methods of cleaning include: 

                                                 – Encapsulation
                                                 – Absorbent pad
                                                 – Dry Foam

  • Deep cleaning – While methodical carpet cleaning can help maintain a high level of appearance on commercial carpeting, deep cleanings must still be performed to remove deep embedded soiling. Deep cleaning methods for commercial carpeting include:

                                        – Hot water extraction
                                        – Shampoo

  • Bonnet cleaning – This cleaning process mainly deals with the top part of the carpet fiber. This method utilises heavy duty motorised machine with a spinning scrub. The scrub is usually immersed in cleaning solution in order to extract all the dirt from the carpets.
  • Dry cleaning – Dry carpet cleaning or compound cleaning method is one of the latest and efficient cleaning technology found in the market and has gained increasing popularity and approvals by leading carpet manufacturers because of its effective cleaning performance and convenience as it does not require drying time.

These are the usual cleaning methods executed by professional cleaners mostly in commercial spaces and sometimes in domestic places as well. If you are seeking top class carpet cleaning then get in touch with professionals from Fort St John.

When Should You Opt For Professional Cleaning Services?

Professional Cleaning Services

Some individuals truly appreciate cleaning their home all the time, for others it’s a week by week errand, and a few people truly detest it or don’t have time and contract a maid for routine cleaning duties including vacuuming the carpet and keeping up furniture upholstery. Whichever of these applies to you is fine as no one but you can figure out what works best for your way of life. In any case, there are times when a more profound cleaning is required. Luckily, there are experts who spend significant time in giving such services when the need emerges.

Spring cleaning and routine maintenance

Directing your routine cleaning is all most homes require to keep up an adequate level of sanitation for your wellbeing and to keep the house inviting for visitors. Notwithstanding customary cleaning, it’s a smart thought about a few times every year to get an expert profound cleaning, steam cleaning carpeting as well as upholstery to guarantee any microorganisms which aggregate after some time are evacuated. An expert cleaning in Fort St. John will guarantee your home keeps up a decent, new smell and doesn’t have the shrouded risks caused by germs which were missed by a consistent dry vacuum.

Pets, guests, babies & accidents

Other than germs which gather, at times a particular mishap may require an expert cleaning for both sanitation and feel. As all around trained as your pet may be, here and there he/she may track mud in or choose to accomplish something which doesn’t bode well to her human partners and requires an expert cleaning. Similarly, infants and kids become ill. Obviously you tidy up a mess instantly, but on the other hand it’s a decent time to procure proficient solutions for both sanitation and to evacuate stains. In a perfect world, guests don’t cause issues, however tragically there might be spilled drink or food which needs cleaning.

Purchasing & selling a house

Purchasing and vending off a house is a typical time to employ proficient cleaning services. When pitching, it will make the house all the more alluring to potential purchasers and help the house offer quicker than if it appears to be messy when individuals take a visit. When purchasing, despite the fact that the house appears to be perfect, you don’t what it has experienced so it’s dependably a smart thought to have it all together cleaned before moving in so you don’t need to stress over any germs or stench which may have been abandoned by the old proprietors or guests while it was available.

A Short Guide For Best Quality Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Does the thought of carpet cleaning give you a headache? Carpet cleaning is quite a tough job , without the help of a professional. Proper maintenance and care of carpet is very much important to maintain it’s quality. And that is where the help of a professional becomes so much important.

Carpet cleaning involves the use of proper tools and techniques. The materials and chemicals that are used for cleaning vary depending upon the quality of product or the place where the carpet is used. The use of different cleaning tools depends on the floor area available for cleaning. A congested zone in any office will require a compact cleaner, in such case a traditional vacuum cleaner must be replaced with a backpack vacuum cleaner. Thus, keeping in mind the requirement of customers, well known organizations with professionally trained, experienced and well equipped workers are available for commercial carpet cleaning in fort st john.

Important tips to keep your carpet clean :

Use the best quality and up to date equipments : Commercial places are different from residential ones. Thus, the useful methods to maintain the carpet used in an office floor differ from that in a house. Hence, the use of modern technique and machines are mandatory for the best result.

Help of professionally well trained cleaners : It is necessary to take help from trained individuals it’s about maintaining the quality of your office carpets and also keeping them clean. The cleaning of carpets require a lot of time and effort that you will certainly lack in.

Save both your time : Carpet cleaning requires a lot of time, and individuals nowadays remain very much busy with work and other daily chores. So, after performing their daily work, it becomes quite impossible for them to make an extra effort for carpet cleaning or any other work like that. Such works demand both time & effort, and most importantly experience in the field.

Understanding the requirement of the carpet : cleaning of carpets varies depending upon the condition and quality of the carpet. Sometimes, steam cleaning becomes more beneficial, whereas in certain cases dry cleaning helps meet the needs effectively.

Thus if you have decided to keep your office carpet clean and make it look like new, always do go for professionally trained personnel, rather than wasting your valuable time and money on DIY cleaning methods.

Tips To Improve The Durability of Your Commercial Carpet


Carpeting looks attractive when it is either brand new or is maintained effectively on a regular basis. Inappropriate handling is bound to shorten the lifespan of the flooring investment and make it imperative to bring in a replacement. Here are some master tips on the best way to improve the durability of your floor covers, as stated by experts of commercial carpet cleaning in Fort St. John.

Removing dirt


Having a well-maintained carpet is extremely important for your business. A filthy one makes a place of refuge for millions of dust mites, plus it also becomes a dust collecting vessel. The dirt particles grate against the fibre and that leads to scratches, which eventually make the carpet lose its appeal. It is a smart thought to prevent stepping on the carpet with shoes, which would diminish the need of vacuum cleaning. In case you can’t do that, then place heavy door mats at all entrances.

Vacuum every now and again

dirt remover

Vacuuming your carpets all the time is an excellent method to enhance their durability. The procedure lessens the amassing of dirt that can damage the fibres of the carpet. Vacuuming is fundamental particularly in regions with high foot traffic. Ensure that you utilize a decent vacuum cleaner that can effectively suck up the accumulated soil.

Eliminate the stains

staincarpet (1)

Admit it, there’s no way that you can stop accidental spills. Yet, you can spot & clean them. Make prompt move and go about as quickly as you can. Sop up the excess fluid. In the event that you don’t act promptly, the spill can get absorbed into the fibers of the carpet and trigger mould growth. Moreover, if the spill contains corrosive, it might begin to destroy the filaments.

Get professional help


Whatever you attempt, the task of carpet cleaning is in no way a DIY job. To ensure proper maintenance, opt for pro commercial carpet cleaning in Fort St. John. Keep in mind, upkeep isn’t the key point, yet professional & proper cleaning is what’s needed. The expert can offer expert tools & techniques to guarantee the highest quality cleaning.

Occasionally rearrange your furniture


Move and relocate your furniture within the area to prevent accelerated wear & tear of the carpets. Changing the way that foot traffic goes can help to distribute the load evenly on the floor covering, thereby guaranteeing an improved lifespan.

Take care of your floor coverings and they’d take care of you, and that implies not having to invest in a replacement carpet for many years to come.