5 Warning Signs That Indicate Your Car’s Braking System Needs Inspection

Brake is an essential safety component in a car. They have different parts and each one of them has a life span, which is to be serviced regularly and replaced if needed. But how would you know whether there is a problem in your brake? You will notice warning signs! In fact, it is at that time that you need to get in touch with a car mechanic in Chirnside Park and resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Some common warning signs

The brake light is on

When you find the yellow or red brake indicator is lit on the dashboard of your car, you should know that you are due for a check-up. It may even be the smart electronic system of your vehicle alerting you to a problem.

Metallic squeal when the car is in motion

If you come across any metallic squeal when you are in motion in your car and which stops when the brakes are being applied, it’s likely the sound of a worn out brake pad. It’s an indication that the brake pads need replacement. If you do not pay heed to the situation, you might get the rotor damaged, which is rather a costly fix.

Soft brake pedal

When you experience a soft brake pedal, get in touch with a car repair specialist. The problem may be caused because of the presence of moisture or air in the braking system. The brake pedal may even feel softer when the fluid leaks from the master cylinder.

Car putting to any one side

This happens when there is a problem with the brake calliper. It may be only one calliper that’s applying all or more pressure at the time of braking causing the car to be pulled to one side. When the brake hose turns bad the same thing happens – the car experiences a pull to a particular side.

Burning smell at the time of driving

When the brake gets overheated, a chemical odour is released. If you experience such a thing, allow the brakes to cool down. If you do not do this, brake failure may be caused. However, if you witness any smoke coming out from the wheel of your car, there is possibly a problem in the brake calliper. You need to stop driving and call in a mechanic for the repairing work to be done.

Brake parts generally wear out with the passage of time. So, regular servicing is necessary to avoid unnecessary risks. The more you delay, the more you would risk a big repair amount.


Common Issues That Can Occur With Vehicle Brakes

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Vehicle brakes serve an important role of ensuring safety of the driver as well as passengers. Though they are designed to function reliably for averting mishaps, problems can & will occur if routine upkeep is not provided.

Here are certain brake system problems that all car owners should be aware of, as stated by experts of brake repairs in Lilydale:

Brake pads

Brake pads

Exhausted brake pads will cause the braking separation to increment and may make a metal crushing on the rotor surfaces. On the off chance that one gets broken in its surface – caused from overheating – then they it squeal or screech when halting. In the event that the cushions and rotors get overheated then the halting separation will be expanded. When you hear a screeching sound all the time, it indicates that you need to replace the brake cushions.



The brake rotor surface should be level to keep contact with the brake pads. On the off chance that the rotor surface is twisted from damage due to heat, it will cause the brake pedal to throb all over and the vehicle to jolt when ceasing. In case the rotor is overheated its surface will be stained blue to purple and this solidifies the surface and the brake pads won’t have the capacity to hold them. This will make a vehicle not stop as fast as it should.



A hole in the stopping mechanism is generally a water powered issue. On the off chance that the brake pedal goes to the floor, it can for the most part be followed back to a break. A hole in the brake line will bring about lost brake liquid, and in the end the stopping mechanism may flop by and large. Holes ought to be tended to quickly, a pool of brake liquid on your garage floor or a low brake pedal are altogether indications of this issue.

Twisted rotors

Twisted rotors

Rotors can end up distorted in the event that they are presented to extraordinary pressure. Mountain driving or towing can bring about twisted rotors. Notwithstanding something as basic as stopping an automobile beside a sprinkler framework can twist a rotor. The cool water hitting the hot brakes can bring about twisting. Distorted rotors will make your steering wheel shake when the brakes are connected.

Brake light

Brake light

If the brake light on the dash lights up, it can mean a significant issue with your car’s braking mechanism. It demonstrates an issue with hydraulics and the vehicle ought to be reviewed and repaired at the earliest opportunity. It is never safe to drive when your brake light is on. The light likewise pairs obligation to tell you the stopping brake is on in a few vehicles.

4 Popular Warning Symptoms For Faulty Brakes

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Brake servicing is among the most standard upkeep tasks that you just can’t disregard. Brake parts have a life expectancy and they do should be consistently adjusted as well as supplanted every now & then to work legitimately. Luckily, your auto or truck more often than not gives you some unmistakable signs for faulty brakes. At times, they’re safe commotions that don’t require repairs or have basic fixes. But at other times, this maybe not the case. Your brakes are a standout amongst the most critical security segments in your vehicle. So on the off chance that you see any of the accompanying regular cautioning indications of brake issues, it’s an ideal opportunity to get an expert to check your auto, truck or SUV right now. You’ll drive more secure and stay away from more costly harm.

Here are certain signs that you can stay on the lookout for, as advised by experts of brake repairs in Lilydale:

Fading or reduced responsiveness – In the event that your brakes are not as responsive as they ought to be or if the pedal sinks towards the floor, this could be an indication of a breach or leakage in the braking mechanism. It could be a typical air leak (inside the brake hose) or a fluid leak.

Pulling – On the off chance that your vehicle pulls to a particular side while braking, it might be an indication that the brake linings are wearing unevenly or that there is remote issue in brake liquid. Your vehicle may require a brake change or the liquid should be depleted & supplanted.

Growling or grinding – This noisy metallic sound implies that you have exhausted the pads totally, in all probability past substitution. The crushing or snarling commotion is caused by the two bits of metal (the caliper and the disc) rubbing together. It can scratch or score your rotors, making an uneven surface. In the event that this happens, don’t be shocked if the mechanic discloses to you that the rotors should be turned (a procedure that levels out the rotor surface), or even supplanted.

Vibration – A vibration or throbbing brake pedal is frequently a manifestation of twisted rotors (yet can likewise demonstrate that your vehicle is lopsided). The vibration can feel like the input inside the brake pedal amid a frenzy stop in an automobile having anti-lock brakes.

Thus, if you encounter any of these signs in your vehicle, make sure to take it to a reputed car repair shop in Lilydale or Chirnside Park.