How To Remove Chewing Gum From Carpet?

Chewing Gum On Carpet

Want to remove chewing gum from your carpet? But don’t know how? Take a look at the guide and get chewing gum out following simple steps

If you have kids at your home, then probably you will find gum end up in all sorts of places, they will not leave the carpet as well. Getting gum out of the carpet can be a daunting task if you do not take quick actions, the longer you will wait for the harder the gum will get. Below some effective methods have been prescribed which can help you remove the gum out of the carpet.

  • Freeze The Gum

One of the simplest ways to get the gum out is to freeze it. First of all, grab a bag and then fill it with ice. Place that bag on the gum and leave it for around 30 minutes. Once it gets frozen and hard, take a dull knife and pry the gum up. Now there is a risk, if you don’t do it carefully, you will end up lifting fibres from the carpet thereby damaging the carpet. So, if possible seek help from the professional carpet cleaning services.

  • Heat The Gum Out

Put either a paper sack or a clean cloth over the gum, now take a hair dryer and heat the area, that will soften the gum. Now as the gum gets loosened up, it will begin to stick to the cloth or the bag placed over it. Be careful, do not overheat the gum otherwise, your carpet will burn. When the gum becomes soft, lift the cloth or sack, that will lift some of the gum out. Blot the gum with the sack, letting it attach and remove the gum out as much as you can. Do the steps gently, otherwise, you will end up pulling the fibre.

Sometimes, a combination of heating and freezing works best. First, freeze the gum, then break as much as you can. Afterwards, heat the gum up and blot it with cloth or paper bag. Repeat the steps until the gum gets out. If you find all these processes to hard, then leave it to the professionals.

  • Apply Solvents

If you do not want to go with either of the processes mentioned above, then you can try using solvents to break down the gum instead. Purchase carpet removing solvents from nearby department stores. Apply the solvent to the carpet and work on it gently using a brush. Blot the gum up as it softens and dissolves. Repeat the process until the gum gets out.

This method will only work if the solvent is safe to use on carpet. If not what will happen? If the solvent is not safe, then that can damage your carpet permanently. So, better take help from the professional cleaning services. There the professionals are equipped with proper tools and techniques and have the necessary expertise to remove the chewing gum from the carpet. In North Sydney, you can find many such experts, hire that professional who will suit your needs.



Tips To Improve The Durability of Your Commercial Carpet


Carpeting looks attractive when it is either brand new or is maintained effectively on a regular basis. Inappropriate handling is bound to shorten the lifespan of the flooring investment and make it imperative to bring in a replacement. Here are some master tips on the best way to improve the durability of your floor covers, as stated by experts of commercial carpet cleaning in Fort St. John.

Removing dirt


Having a well-maintained carpet is extremely important for your business. A filthy one makes a place of refuge for millions of dust mites, plus it also becomes a dust collecting vessel. The dirt particles grate against the fibre and that leads to scratches, which eventually make the carpet lose its appeal. It is a smart thought to prevent stepping on the carpet with shoes, which would diminish the need of vacuum cleaning. In case you can’t do that, then place heavy door mats at all entrances.

Vacuum every now and again

dirt remover

Vacuuming your carpets all the time is an excellent method to enhance their durability. The procedure lessens the amassing of dirt that can damage the fibres of the carpet. Vacuuming is fundamental particularly in regions with high foot traffic. Ensure that you utilize a decent vacuum cleaner that can effectively suck up the accumulated soil.

Eliminate the stains

staincarpet (1)

Admit it, there’s no way that you can stop accidental spills. Yet, you can spot & clean them. Make prompt move and go about as quickly as you can. Sop up the excess fluid. In the event that you don’t act promptly, the spill can get absorbed into the fibers of the carpet and trigger mould growth. Moreover, if the spill contains corrosive, it might begin to destroy the filaments.

Get professional help


Whatever you attempt, the task of carpet cleaning is in no way a DIY job. To ensure proper maintenance, opt for pro commercial carpet cleaning in Fort St. John. Keep in mind, upkeep isn’t the key point, yet professional & proper cleaning is what’s needed. The expert can offer expert tools & techniques to guarantee the highest quality cleaning.

Occasionally rearrange your furniture


Move and relocate your furniture within the area to prevent accelerated wear & tear of the carpets. Changing the way that foot traffic goes can help to distribute the load evenly on the floor covering, thereby guaranteeing an improved lifespan.

Take care of your floor coverings and they’d take care of you, and that implies not having to invest in a replacement carpet for many years to come.

How To Choose The Best Carpet For A Family Room?

Carpet cleaning For A Family Room

Before buying a new carpet, you should learn about the various styles, materials and qualities available out there to ensure comfort and durability for long term satisfaction. Buying a new carpet is a lot like shopping for a car. Because, it involves a significant amount of investment. Thus, an improper step can ruin the looks of the room as well as make it uncomfortable for your soft feet. There are different colours, styles and brands of carpets that you can pick from.

Thus, by doing some basic homework, you can compare the materials and choose the right product based on your budget and sub-flooring type.

Here are some key things to consider when it comes to choosing the best carpet for your family room.


Whenever you go to buy a new carpet do not compromise with the durability. Properly determine the nature of traffic in the room to figure out the required durability. Most living rooms receive the highest footfall and thus, you should choose one which can last for long. Also, it is a good idea to hire a residential carpet cleaning company in Dawson Creek to maintain the quality of the carpets. Look for a carpet that at least lasts for a minimum of ten years.

Ease of maintenance

Remember, the flooring in a family room is prone to accidental spills and the frequency is greater compared to other rooms. Thus, you should select a carpet type that is easy to clean and has the ability to withstand stains. As a rule of thumb, carpets that have good stain warranties are easy to clean.

Texture style

Considering the usage of a typical family room, it’s good to opt for carpets that have a lot of texture. Larger texture make it impossible for stains to hold on for a longer time. Some of the examples are berber, or a frieze style. Both these styles help to disguise soiling or accidental spills. However, if you prefer something more classy, you should go for a hard nylon type which is not only durable but also easy to clean. Remember to choose the appropriate product as some of them are hard enough that give a feeling of walking on spikes.

These three important factors should never be forgotten when you’re buying a new carpet for your family living room.

What Could Be The Perfect Carpet Cleaning Timing For A Whole-Home Service?

residential carpet cleaning service

A carpet covers some of the busiest areas of the home. Dingy conditions settle in after only a few months of activity. Thus, you should consider to give it a perfect clean to enhance the longevity. But do you have any idea as to what could be the best time for the cleaning project?

A busy day

Hire the carpet cleaning services on a busy weekday, especially when the kids are at school and others are at work. Choose a perfect time when the service provider can start early in the morning. This gives them enough time to complete the entire work effectively. Make sure to hire professional residential carpet cleaning services in Fort St John. This is because, it may not always be possible to do the entire floor cleaning when the house is filled with occupants.

Hot sunny days

The best day for a carpet cleaning project is during good weather. Ideally, choose a sunny day with low humidity levels. Cleaners can move through the building without any weather-related issues. Also, the lack of humidity gives the carpet a chance to dry faster, especially after pet odor removal processes. Carpet cleaners can provide industrial fans for the rooms to dry out the carpets as soon as possible. However, humidity plays a big role in such situation. To deal with intense moisture professional dealing is only solution.

Consider just before the holidays

Before you plan a grand holiday, make sure you clean the carpet flooring to look as spectacular as the place settings. Keeping your home free from occupants let the cleaners work freely and also allows the home to dry out efficiently. In most of the cases, it has been seen that carpets get dirtier after partying due to spills and heavy footfall. However, if you want to differentiate the situations of before and after partying consider taking some snapshots.

It is crucial to clean the carpets just after a severe storm

It is a good idea to clean the carpets just after the occurrence of a severe storm. This is because, the carpet flooring receives a lot of stains due to moving in and out of the building. Call the professionals to thoroughly clean the main walkways at the very least.

Finally, before making the ultimate move, be sure to hire a reputed, professional cleaning service provider.