Services Provided By Freight Forwarders In UK

freight forwarding services

Freight forwarding is a thriving business in which agencies responsibly take all the hassle of shipping your goods to places. There are a lot of freight forwarding service providers who would ship all your goods by different transportation. In other words, they look after the worldwide movement of cargo, packing of goods, documentation of goods on behalf of importers and exporters.

A typical reputed company offering freight forwarding services in Sheffield can take care of cost-effective and reliable freight of your goods. They will look for the most appropriate routes, transport modes and secure way to ship your goods. Some of the services a freight forwarder provides are:

  • Road freight – Whether you are looking for a local transport within the UK or entire Europe, the modern age cargoes can do the job of delivering a reliable shipment of your product around Europe.
  • Sea freight – Freight forwarders accept global orders with the help of their wide international network. The sea freight services provide freight forwarding, cargo handling, storage and final shipment form sea freight carrier.
  • Air freight – Freight forwarders offer a comprehensive air freight solution to the public sector, commercial clients, and other freight forwarding agents at competitive rates around the globe.
  • Storage – If you are looking for a secure storage facility, these freight forwarders have got you covered. From temperature controlled storage to container loading facilities, these service providers store your goods effectively.
  • Customs clearance – Freight forwarders also offer a customs clearance service for shipments that arrive at the UK ports. They arrange sea/air import customs formalities for both full and part container loads.
How to choose the correct forwarder?

Freight forwarding has been in the scene for quite some time and there are plenty of contenders in the field. With modern cargoes and effective shipment methods, freight forwarders use the most effective ways to get your goods delivered in time. The process is quite straight-forward, still there are certain things to take into consideration when picking a service provider:

  • You have to be sure of your requirements
  • The freight forwarder you are opting for must be experienced
  • Check their network
  • Make sure of their customer service

Therefore, if you are looking forward to availing any service for the freight forwarders in the UK then give it a try and transport your goods in the UK as well as across the globe.


Important Things To Consider Before Shipping Food & Beverages

Road Freight

If you’re in the field of food and beverage and need to export products on a daily basis, you should determine some important points before handing over the shipment process to a freight forwarder. Maintaining stringent regulations is important to ensure safe and secured transportation, especially when you’re handling perishable goods. Therefore, to understand the potential of a freight forwarding company make sure:

They have food grade accreditations

Accreditations are the best signs that can tell whether or not the specified company is serious in handling such products. It is an indication of professionalism and high standards with the utmost responsibility. This includes:

  • British International Freight Association (BIFA)
  • Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)
  • Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
  • United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA)
  • Road Haulage Association (RHA)
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA) Cargo Agent

They specialise in food and drink cargo

Before you consider partnering with a freight team make sure they provide air, sea and road freight services in aspecialise container. When it comes to perishable goods, they often require special storage regulations to keep them safe for consuming. Research about their previous clients and what type of services do they provide.

They are experienced

It’s crucial to figure out their experience level. In UK, as there are no formal requirements or certifications needed for freight forwarding, anyone can claim to be the best provider. Therefore, you need to research a bit about their experience level. Do not forget to take a look at the existing customer satisfactory reports. Usually, a long history and successful track record indicate a business’ efficiency and reputation. Choose a company which is robust, consistent and reliable in the field of international shipping. Food and beverage industry can be volatile and thus, you need to select reputable export agents in UK.

They have a good customer service

The story of customer experience tells a lot about a specific company. You need to be sure that a freight forwarding team is not responsible for shipping delays, naturall it occurs due to environmental hurdles. Considering this, the freight forwarders must keep you informed to avoid miscommunication with the clients. A reputable company always maintains this basic formality and thus, have a good “customer experience” story.

When it comes to the shipping needs of perishable goods always make sure that they are professional enough and work with an expert team.

The Multiple Perks Of Road Freight Services

Road Freight Services

In the modern times, road freight services have become very popular due to the variety of benefits that they offer in terms of costs, punctuality, flexibility and ease of conveyance. Let’s take a quick look at the several perks of this particular shipping method in brief detail:

Low Investment

Road freight services need considerably less investment when contrasted with different methods of transport, for example, railroads and air transport. The cost of developing, working and keeping up the roadways is relatively less expensive. The roads are by and large developed by the government administration and just a little amount is charged for their utilisation.

D2D Service

Road freight services

The remarkable preferred standpoint of road transport is that it ensures seamless delivery of goods from one warehouse or door to another. This decreases loading, unloading and carting expenses.

Reach In Rural Areas

Road transport is highly suited for conveying products and individuals to & from rustic regions which are not served by rail, water or air transport. Trade of merchandise, between small rural regions and extensive towns becomes easier via road freight service.


The option has an extraordinary upper hand over different methods of transport for its adaptable solutions; its courses and timings can be balanced and changed to singular prerequisites without much bother.

Appropriate for Short Distance


It is speedier for conveying cargo between places located close to one another. Any kind of delay in travel of products because of midway stacking and handling do not pose as a problem. Merchandise can be stacked directly into a vehicle and transported straight to destination.

Reduced Risks of Damage During Transport

Since intermediate handling & loading is not needed, there is lesser danger of harm, breakage and so forth of the merchandise during the journey. In this manner, road transport becomes suitable for transporting sensitive items, particularly fragile ones.

Low Packaging Costs

When juxtaposed with different methods of transport, the packaging methods involved in road freight are less entangled. Merchandise transported by engine transport require less packing, which reduces the overall costs.

Quick Speed

In the event that the goods are to be sent promptly or rapidly, road freight is more suited than the railroads or water transport. Water transport is moderate. Likewise too much of time is wasted in conveying the goods in case railroad and water transport are involved.

Thus, all you need to do now is a find a good road freight service provider in Sheffield.