How To Fix Sticky Valve Of A Trumpet

Trumpet repairs

Experiencing problem with trumpet valve and other components is a common issue for most trumpeters. But these problems can be fixed easily. Trumpets have a number of components that work together to function properly. Unfortunately, these parts sometimes fail to deliver, which affects the sound of the trumpet as well as its other components.

After playing a trumpet for months, you may experience a variety of problems. Among them, sticky valve and missing buttons are the most common. Slides and valves are movable and this is why it is a high priority to keep them functional. Generally, movable parts are prone to create problems than those which are static.

Missing Buttons
People who play vintage trumpet models often experience a problem due to missing valve buttons. They can buy the buttons from an online source where trumpet repair is done. It is best to replace the buttons through professionals.

Sticky Valves
Sticky valve is the most common issue with a trumpet. Valves must move up and down smoothly to ensure quality and bold sound while playing. A trumpet with sticky valve often gets stuck midway through pressing. This can cause a major blunder, thereby ruining your sound when you go for a concert.

The best way to handle such situations is to apply good quality valve oil to ensure proper lubrication. You can get the best quality valve oil from a reputed and experienced trumpet repairer. Trumpeters who play their instrument on a regular basis must oil the valves at least once everyday.

How To Oil Trumpet Valves
If you are not used to oiling trumpet valves, you can follow the steps mentioned below to make the process easier. It is not difficult at all, but still it is wise to keep a few things in mind.

  • Lie the trumpet on a flat surface.
  • Unscrew the first valve and slide it out slightly. Make sure that you pull only one slide at a time so that they do not get mixed up.
  • Drizzle a few drops of oil on the shaft of the valve. Remember not to apply the oil inside the holes.
  • Slide back the valve until you hear a clicking sound and tighten the valve cap.

Following these easy steps will help to keep your trumpet healthy and you will be able to play your trumpet effective in a concert or stage shows.


Don’t Attempt These Guitar Repairs At Home

Every guitar at some point of time, after extensive usage, needs some form of repair in order to stay functional. The best way to get such repairs done is by contacting a professional. Still DIY enthusiasts try to attempt some battery fixes at home. But there are certain repairs which should not at all be done by oneself. For more about Guitar repairs Check @ Johns Piano Services

Tips To Set Up A Dream Music Room

Music room

If you and your friends or siblings are music fanatics and have a band, then setting up a music room can allow you to engage yourselves into different types of interactive musical activities. Whether you are fond of classical music, pop, rock or metal, you can play anything you like as per your preferences. All you need to do is follow a few important tips in order to set up the room in a proper manner. Those tips have been discussed below in detail –

Decide the place 

It is suggested to choose any available room in your house rather than to transform a functional room into a musical place. You can opt for the basement or garage area for setting up your very own melodious room. If you have multiple musical instruments to set up, then make sure that your preferred area has plenty of floor space to house all the equipment properly.

Paint the room

After deciding the place, the first thing that must be done is to give the area a pleasing visual appearance. This can be achieved by using bright and vibrant wall paints. Never use dull shades because they can impart a tired look to the room, which is not at all appropriate for any kind of activity room. If you need some painting suggestions, then it is best to opt for professional help.

Soundproof it and install electrical points

sound proof
It is important to make your music room a soundproof one so that your neighbours don’t get disturbed while you are practicing for a gig. Thus, install quality level of carpets and heavy curtains to prevent exchange of sound to and from the room. Also use sound proof tiles. These tiles are available in a range of design & style options and can be removed as well as rearranged according to your needs.

Musical equipment

After performing all the aforementioned tasks would come the part of placing all your musical instruments within the room in an organised manner. If you are going to place a piano, make sure that your room has enough space so that the instrument can fit ideally. Make sure your instrument is in good condition. If needed, contact a professional offering the services of piano tuning and repairs and ensure that it is working properly. Place other musical instruments such as guitar, violin, trumpet, etc. accordingly.

Apart from following all the aforementioned tips, don’t forget for proper seats too.